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About Adam

Senior Manager, Learning & Development

Adam has more than a decade of experience creating, teaching and facilitating leadership-based curriculum and business management programs. As a manager of two departments at Glidewell Laboratories, Learning & Development and Education, Adam is at the forefront of ensuring all learning at the company matches business process and future business growth. Adam has a wealth of national and international experience in the education, training, learning and development field. He has taught English in Central Asia, trained all over North America and facilitated vastly diverse populations. Since joining Glidewell in January 2013, Adam has developed what started out as a singular program into a high-impact department.

Adam's story

  • Jan 2016 — Current
    Senior Manager
    Learning & Development

  • Jan 2014
    Learning & Development Manager
    Business Operations

  • Feb 2013
    Leadership Development Program Manager
    Business Operations

  • 2013
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018

Q: What do you see for the future of Glidewell Laboratories?

A: I see a future of infinite possibilities. Historically as an organization we have been a manufacturing production entity. As an organization moving forward into the future, we are becoming more of a technology company. We create technologies that are shaping the industry. I see Glidewell as spearheading the industry itself. Everything we do changes the industry. Not only have we changed the way that we produce teeth and materials, but we have changed the technologies that changed the way that we produce those teeth and materials. It’s really quite an exciting place to work.

Q: How do you perceive internal growth opportunities at the company?

A: The internal growth of individuals within the company is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. In most companies, when you get a job you usually stay within one line of industry and move up. Within Glidewell, there is immense potential for internal growth. An individual could be hired into a position and have the flexibility and opportunity to move to another department of their choosing — and it’s encouraged. Currently we have a lot of individuals who have been in multiple departments throughout the organization. What you find as a benefit is that they have a broader view of the business and the services they can provide. It’s a very unique culture in that regard.

Q: What’s the best part of working at Glidewell for you personally?

A: For me, the best part is the people. Until coming to Glidewell, I’d not had the luxury of having an amazing boss, peers to work with that positively challenge me to always do my best, and high-performing employees that are eager to work. I work in an area of the business where at all levels I am surrounded and supported by individuals who not only want the best, but positively support me to get the best. The best reason I can give for why I stay at Glidewell and love my job is the relationships I have built and maintain here.

Q: Why did you decide to join Glidewell instead of a different company?

A: There are two reasons why I chose Glidewell. The first is my boss. I just connected to her right away and realized that she is somebody I can learn a ton from. The second reason is that the business never did anything like I do in its history. They did a little bit of training here and there, most of it from an HR focus, but there was very little from an organizational development focus. I’m very much a development person. So for me, from a professional standpoint, there’s been so much that we’ve been able to do to positively affect the business, which has been so absolutely rewarding. The opportunity was great from the beginning, and the opportunity is still great three years later.

Q: Can you describe a little bit about what your department does?

A: My department creates programs to develop people. In the 43 years before I was hired, Glidewell never had this kind of focus. So what my amazing team and I have been able to do is create programs to help shift the way that people see themselves, see the business and see their employees. We work to alter behaviors to match not just management principles but leadership principles, and we’ve been greatly effectual in nearly every aspect of what we’ve done.

Q: What can someone expect working here?

A: It’s a very unique place. There’s nothing like Glidewell. The reason why I say this is that we’re a large organization of 4,500 employees. As such a large organization, your typical environment and culture is quite sterile. But it’s not that way at Glidewell. We say “hi” to each other. We look at one another. There’s a warmth and a friendliness here. Even though we don’t have a values statement per se, I would say that one of our values is loyalty. There is a sense of loyalty to the employee, and you have employees who are loyal to the business. We’re also very fast and we adapt, and we’re flexible. From my understanding, Mr. Glidewell has built this company to be a vertical entity. What that means is we have everything that we need: we have plumbers, we have electricians, we have our own materials, we have R&D, we have our own health and wellness center. Because we have everything that we need, if we need to shift and change gears, we can do it on a dime. So it’s a very unique place with how flexible and adaptable it is, yet at the same time how warm and friendly it is.

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