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Shipping a Case

Shipping a Case

Shipping a case to us is easy and affordable.

Easy Process

Step One. Fill Out Prescription

Download prescriptions for the type of case you are sending to us. We offer a variety of lab slips, which are customized for certain product and service offerings. Completely fill out a prescription, checking all required boxes to ensure your Rx specifications are met.

Step Two. Pack Your Case

Packaging Your Single and Multiple Cases

  1. Carefully package your case, including your prescription, and tape box securely shut. We ask that you follow these steps when packing your case:
    • Place foam on bottom of box.
    • Separate models, and secure impressions and bites.
    • Arrange contents in a plastic bag for proper infection control.
    • Place foam on top of contents.
    • Add prescription.
    • Tape box securely shut.
    • To save money on shipping, send multiple cases in one box.
    • Separate the cases in plastic bags, and staple its prescription to the outside of each bag for accurate identification.
  2. Once the box is securely taped shut, attach a preprinted shipping label to top. Please note that you must use a preprinted Glidewell shipping label to avoid being billed by FedEx at a much higher cost. To request additional preprinted labels or shipping supplies, see Step 3.
  3. If you are sending a prescheduled rush case, write “RUSH” on the outside of the box/package as well as on the prescription. To preschedule a rush case please contact Customer Support at 855-289-9657.

Bundle and Save Money

To start saving money today, simply utilize our Inbound Bundling program by including two or more cases in one box. We will charge your account a flat rate of $7 per box each way. For every other case included in the same box, the inbound shipping charge is waived. The savings add up quickly!

How to Pack a Case

Step Three. Ship Your Case

Schedule Case Pickup

Call 855-289-9657 or use My Account to schedule an in-office case pickup. We will receive your package on the next business day.

Shipping Rates

Time of case pickup and delivery may affect turnaround time. To save money on shipping, combine multiple cases into one box.

Standard Shipping

Ship your case to Glidewell using FedEx overnight service or USPS 2–3 Day Priority Mail and pay just $7 each way ($14 round-trip per box; contiguous U.S. only).

Rush Service

Rush service must be prescheduled by calling 855-289-9657 before the case is shipped to guarantee that rush service for your case will be available. Time of case pickup and delivery may affect turnaround time. Overnight delivery may not be available in certain rural areas.

Need Shipping Supplies?

We offer shipping supplies for free (some limitations apply), including:

  • FedEx Airbills
  • USPS Priority Mail Pre-Paid Shipping Labels
  • Bags
  • Case Boxes
  • Rx Forms

Step Four. Track Your Case

Register for daily case summaries

Ready to Go Digital?

Clinicians who adopt chairside digital impression systems into their practices are positioned to receive enhanced benefits from Glidewell Laboratories. Adding to the inherent advantages of instantaneous case data transmission and the removed need for impression materials and trays, clinicians will receive a $20 per-unit savings on BruxZir® Solid Zirconia, BruxZir Anterior, Obsidian® ceramic and IPS e.max® cases and a $40 per-unit savings on Inclusive® Custom Abutment and screw-retained implant crown cases. What’s more, without the delay of inbound impression shipping and with the prioritized all-digital workflow, clinicians can expect their restorations to be fabricated and returned to their offices in a significantly reduced time period.

The all-digital workflow employed at Glidewell Laboratories has been proven to greatly reduce the number of crown remakes for margin, fit and occlusion issues. Further, clinicians using intraoral scanners can avoid the potential for distortion found in traditional impression materials and stone laboratory models. For the clinician this means that cases are delivered correctly and consistently, exactly as prescribed. Learn more.

“We strive to drive down restorative costs and expand patient access to affordable dentistry.”

— Jim Glidewell, CDT, President/CEO