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Shade Adjustable Veneers & Diagnostic Wax-Up Technique

Shade Adjustable Veneers & Diagnostic Wax-Up Techniques - Dental CE Course
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Course Objectives (2 CE Credits)

This presentation covers the use of very thin, laboratory-fabricated veneers, which are about 0.3 mm in thickness. From treatment planning to placement, participants that complete the presentation will acquire useful information in many areas, including the following:

  • Minimal-prep and no-prep veneers
  • Use of diagnostic wax-ups
  • Discussion of patient acceptance when using shade-adjustable veneers
  • Demonstration of tooth preparation, veneer try-in, seating and cementation, clean-up and polishing
  • Before and after images show what can be achieved with little or no tooth preparation
  • Many practice tips to help achieve desired esthetic outcomes
  • Demonstrations and recommendations of dental instruments and materials


Four cases demonstrate restorations using minimal-prep and no-prep veneers to achieve patient-pleasing solutions to many commonly encountered dental challenges, without drilling. You are able to determine and deliver, chairside, the veneer shade that the patient wants most by taking advantage of the translucency of very thin "shade-adjustable" porcelain veneers, in conjunction with a neutral or a high- or low-value cement. In addition to practical demonstrations of achievable and desirable outcomes, you will be introduced to many materials and techniques that will speed and ease your execution and help you avoid problems.

CAUTION: When viewing the techniques, procedures, theories and materials that are presented, you must make your own decisions about specific treatment for patients and exercise personal professional judgment regarding the need for further clinical testing or education and your own clinical expertise before trying to implement new procedures.


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