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Vivaneers™ No-Prep Veneers Utilizing Minor Orthodontic Procedures

Unique Treatment For The Correction Of A Severe Crossbite - Dental CE Course
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Course Objectives (2 CE Credits)

Michael C. DiTolla, DDS, FAGD

This clinical presentation aims to address the correction of a severe crossbite for the placement of no-prep veneers. With the help of an appliance from Space Maintainers Laboratory, watch as Dr. Michael DiTolla performs minor orthodontics to bring teeth into a Class I relationship so that gingival recontouring may be performed and Vivaneers™ No-Prep Veneers (Glidewell Laboratories) may be placed. Participants that complete the presentation will acquire useful information in many areas, including the following:

  • Unique treatment for the correction of a severe crossbite
  • Treatment plans and appliances available through Space Maintainers Laboratory
  • Timeline, and detailed appointment guidelines, for treatment of minor orthodontics
  • Use of the BioTemps® Provisional (Glidewell Laboratories) as a stent for gingival recontouring
  • Veneer placement, seating and cementation tips
  • Cementing, curing, cleanup and polishing tips
  • Several recommendations of dental instruments and materials


When a patient asked for no-prep veneers, but their teeth were in severe crossbite, Dr. Michael DiTolla realized that minor orthodontic adjustments were necessary to achieve esthetic success. He called Space Maintainers Laboratory, who walked him through the simple orthodontic procedures needed prior to the placement of no-prep veneers.

CAUTION: When viewing the techniques, procedures, theories and materials that are presented, you must make your own decisions about specific treatment for patients and exercise personal professional judgment regarding the need for further clinical testing or education and your own clinical expertise before trying to implement new procedures.


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