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Implant Abutments

Glidewell Laboratories offers three custom implant abutments under the Inclusive® brand name. Inclusive Custom Implant Abutments are available in Titanium, Zirconia with Titanium Base and All-Zirconia to fit your patients’ individual needs. Titanium abutments are commonly used in all regions of the mouth due to their strength. Zirconia abutments provide the best possible esthetics and are commonly used in the anterior with all-ceramic or zirconia restorations.

Inclusive Custom Implant Abutments are precisely milled using CAD/CAM technology to facilitate a natural-looking emergence and optimize soft-tissue contours and crown esthetics. This precise interface also ensures comfortable delivery of the final restoration and excellent gingival health.

Inclusive Custom Implant Abutments are compatible with up to 12 of the most popular implant systems and are competitively priced at $299 per abutment. This price includes model work with soft tissue, implant analog and two screws. Or pay just $259 per abutment when you send us your case digitally.

BIOMET 3i™ Encode® custom abutments are also available and are designed using the proprietary Encode CAD library, which ensures optimal support of the final restoration, a natural emergence profile, and long-term gingival health.

BIOMET 3i and Encode are trademarks of Zimmer Biomet.


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Implant Abutments

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