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Inclusive® Tooth Replacement System

Eliminate the uncertainty and costly investment typically associated with implant treatment. From root to crown, the Inclusive® Tooth Replacement System is the industry’s first fully integrated solution for the predictable restoration of a missing tooth. This end-to-end treatment modality comprehensively addresses surgical, healing, and restorative considerations. Its versatile, patient-specific treatment protocols are designed to improve chairside efficiency and maximize clinical outcomes by facilitating restorative-driven implant placement, immediate temporization (where indicated), patient-specific soft-tissue management for a more natural emergence profile, and swift delivery of a final, lifelike restoration — all with full-service laboratory support and flat-rate pricing to promote patient acceptance and ensure profitability.

This comprehensive package features the implant, surgical drills and prosthetic stent, custom healing and temporary components for natural tissue contouring, a matching custom impression coping, and final CAD/CAM custom abutment and crown. Custom healing components are also available individually — ready to seat and easy to adjust. Choose a custom healing abutment and matching custom impression coping, or add a custom temporary abutment and BioTemps® provisional crown in esthetically demanding cases.

Product Highlights

  • Integrated treatment protocol addresses surgical, healing and restorative phases
  • Patient-specific contoured healing for superior esthetics
  • Efficient immediate temporization
  • Predictable pricing; no variable fees

Additional Details

1. Surgical Components

  • Prosthetic Stent: Stent designed to convey the ideal position of the implant from a prosthetic perspective
  • Surgical Drills: New drills ensure maximum cutting efficiency for each case
  • Inclusive Tapered Implant: High-quality titanium alloy with proven RBM surface treatment for reliable root replacement

2. BioTemps® Tissue Contouring Solution

  • Custom Healing Abutment: Features patient-specific contours to train soft tissue during healing phase
  • Custom Temporary Abutment: Features patient-specific contours to train soft tissue and support provisional restoration during healing phase
  • Custom Provisional Crown: A natural-looking temporary to serve the patient at any stage of implant treatment
  • Custom Impression Coping: Patient-specific contours help convey the precise gingival architecture to the laboratory

3. Final Prosthetic Components

  • Inclusive Custom Abutment: Features patient-specific contours for optimal emergence profile and support of restoration, available in titanium or zirconia with titanium base
  • BruxZir® Solid Zirconia (or IPS e.max®) Crown: Monolithic restoration provides an ideal blend of functional strength and toothlike esthetics

Visit BruxZir.com and InclusiveDental.com for more information.

BioTemps is a registered trademark of Glidewell Laboratories. BruxZir is a registered trademark of Glidewell Laboratories. Inclusive is a registered trademark of Glidewell Laboratories. IPS e.max is a registered trademark of Ivoclar Vivident.


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