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Erkopress 300 Tp™/Tp-ci™

Designed to fabricate various thermoformed dental applications, such as bite plates, fluoride and bleaching trays, sports mouthguards and orthodontic splints, the Erkopress 300 Tp™ and standalone Erkopress 300 Tp-ci™ are the newest thermoforming units from ERKODENT®. Updated from the Erkopress ES 200-E™, these pressure-forming machines use compressed air to press the thermoforming material onto the model. Both units incorporate all the improvements found on the Erkoform-3d vacuum thermoforming unit, such as a digital display and touchless temperature sensor for convenience and greater durability.

The Erkopress 300 Tp requires connection to a compressed-air supply and pressure regulator. Functioning independently of an external compressed air system, the Erkopress 300 Tp-ci comes equipped with a high-performance integrated compressor and reserve compressed air tank. Rounded high-grade steel filling granules and thermoforming disc samples are included with the units.

Erkopress 300 Tp, Erkopress 300 Tp-ci and Erkopress ES 200-E are trademarks of ERKODENT Erich Kopp. ERKODENT is a registered trademark of ERKODENT Erich Kopp.


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