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Hahn™ Tapered Implants – September 2016

This month’s Clinical Newsline focuses on atraumatic extraction, bone grafting and immediate implant placement. The curated videos and articles below are great illustrations of simple techniques for clinical success.

We’re featuring the Hahn™ Tapered Implant System. Dr. Jack Hahn, creator of the original tapered implant, pulled from his over 45 years of implant-placement experience to design the Hahn Tapered Implant System. Its cutting-edge design and simplified drilling protocol makes it ideal for cases of all size and complexity, and is now the new official implant of the Misch International Implant Institute.

Enjoy these clinical cases!

– Neil Park, DMD
Vice President of Clinical Affairs


Atraumatic Extraction of a Non-Restorable Maxillary Lateral Incisor

Dr. Timothy Kosinski demonstrates the successful atraumatic extraction of a non-restorable maxillary lateral incisor, which he then restores with a Hahn Tapered Implant.


The Emergency Implant: Immediate Extraction and Tooth Replacement Using the Hahn Tapered Implant System

by Jack A. Hahn, DDS – Immediate extraction and implant placement is a beneficial treatment option, especially when conditions of fracture, acute pain or esthetic concerns leave the patient with an urgent desire to have the tooth replaced. This article explains the basic parameters for emergency tooth replacement, and features various cases in which Hahn Tapered Implants are utilized to maximize primary stability, practitioner control of implant positioning, and maintenance of the hard and soft tissue in immediate extraction sites.

My First Hahn Tapered Implant with Anamaria Muresan, DMD, CDT

Dr. Anamaria Muresan, director of clinical research at Glidewell Laboratories, shares her first experience placing a Hahn Tapered Implant. She was drawn to the Hahn Tapered Implant for its ability to achieve excellent primary stability and ideal esthetics, as well as its straightforward surgical protocol.

Optimizing Lateral Incisor Function and Esthetics with the Hahn Tapered Implant System

by Timothy F. Kosinski, DDS, MAGD – For patients with maxillary lateral incisor agenesis, a common congenital anomaly, implant therapy is a conservative approach that avoids damage to the morphological features of neighboring dentition. In this case summary, Dr. Kosinski demonstrates implant placement in a young college student missing tooth #7, achieving proper positioning within the limited anatomical space of the edentulous site.

Bone Grafting and Immediate Implant Placement in the Anterior

by Timothy F. Kosinski, DDS, MAGD – Excellent function and esthetics can be achieved with prosthetically driven implant treatment. In Dr. Kosinski’s case presentation, advanced implant design allows for precise placement, proper grafting techniques help augment bone, and provisionalization with a transitional abutment and crown enhances the emergence profile, resulting in an exceptional final restoration in a challenging area of the mouth.

Official implant of the Misch International Implant Institute

"I am very proud to announce we have recently selected a new implant partner for all Misch Institute courses: the Hahn Tapered Implant System."

– Carl E. Misch, DDS, MDS, Ph.D. (h.c.)

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Save Valuable Time

On this episode of Chairside Live, Dr. Siamak Abai shares techniques to save valuable chairside time by utilizing the Hahn Tapered Implant.

A Straightforward Implant Case

Let us take you through Dr. Abai’s step-by-step protocol for a basic implant case on tooth #30, and learn the importance of selecting the right implant case.

Placing Your First Implant

Learn the fundamentals of placing your first implant. Dr. Abai will give you the tools and confidence you need in this step-by-step presentation.

"It’s the best implant system I’ve used yet, and I can’t wait to share it with my fellow clinicians. I’m biased, of course, but I wouldn’t put my name on it if I didn’t believe it."

Jack A. Hahn, DDS

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