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Dental Restoration: Restoring Fully Edentulous Cases – October 2016

When a patient enters your practice needing restoration work, you might run into some issues. Especially if it’s a full-arch dental restoration. With a full-arch restoration, you have a challenging task ahead of you. Although this task might seem difficult, the reward behind completing it and creating the right treatment plan for your patient is always worth it. As caring dental professionals, a patient’s comfort and well-being always stays in the forefront of our minds.  Anatomical complications, the patient’s finances and esthetic concerns are just some of the factors that make each case unique.

This installment of Clinical Newsline is crafted with that in concept in mind.

Today’s restorative landscape offers countless approaches for these cases. Some of these solutions include: implant over dentures and digital dentures, while other professionals might prefer BruxZir® Solid Zirconia Full-Arch Implant Prosthesis, restorations over small-diameter implants, and many more.

Check out the videos and articles below in order to find a wide array of treatment options. You’ll be surprised at the transformative results of each case! We’ve included some of the most noteworthy case studies that we could find.

Nevertheless, we hope that you enjoy these fascinating dental restoration clinical cases!

– Neil Park, DMD
Vice President of Clinical Affairs


Dual-Arch Implant Reconstruction in Monolithic Zirconia

Dr. Perry Jones discusses how solid zirconia full-arch implant prostheses offer a favorable solution to the challenges of complete edentulism.

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Digital Dentistry: From Extraction to Immediate Dentures in a Single Appointment

A digital workflow can offer several benefits, including a more patient-friendly experience, fewer appointments and reduced lab times.

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Chairside Live Episode 159: Dentures Done Digitally

In this episode of Chairside Live, Dr. Siamak Abai walks us through the process of digitally fabricating dentures.

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Streamlining Full-Arch Implant Treatment with All-CAD

by Siamak Abai, DDS, MMedSc – The all-CAD restorative protocol for the BruxZir Full-Arch Implant Prosthesis improves communication between the restorative laboratory and the treatment provider. The process is user-friendly for clinicians and can decrease the time it takes to provide a fixed, implant-supported prosthesis. The result is an esthetic fixed restoration that the patient can depend on as a long-term solution to complete edentulism.

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Delivering Simple, Cost-Effective Implant Treatment to Fully Edentulous Patients

by Ara Nazarian, DDS, DICOI – The implant overdenture is a relatively inexpensive treatment option for patients who present with an edentulous arch or terminal dentition. It offers a significantly higher quality of life than traditional dentures due to its superior prosthetic stability. Many patients will opt for this form of treatment when the advantages of implant-retained prostheses are explained, especially in cases where a fixed restoration cannot be provided due to financial or anatomical reasons. Because the treatment protocol is relatively simple, the implant overdenture is an ideal gateway for practitioners just getting started with full-arch indications.

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The Mylohyoid Ridges: Troublemakers Often Undiagnosed

by Robert E. Garfield, DDS, FAGD, FAO – Dr. Garfield addresses the problem of patient discomfort with fully extended mandibular dentures, where persistent complaints of pain result in clinicians reducing the effectiveness of appliances by trimming stabilizing flanges. Recommending a strict denture examination protocol, Dr. Garfield asserts that most cases will reveal the cause of pain is sharp underlying bone, which can be corrected without compromising appliance integrity.

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Fixed and Removable Implant Restorations: A Solution for Every Arch

by Paresh B. Patel, DDS – Practitioners now have the clinical flexibility to offer patients a wide range of treatment options, from entry-level, economical restorations like the Inclusive® Locator Implant Overdenture, to the fixed, highly durable BruxZir Full-Arch Implant Prosthesis. There is a viable means of treating nearly all patients, whatever their oral health, needs and finances. Provided the life-changing benefits of implant therapy and the straightforward restorative protocols of today, this service should be offered to all patients confronting the difficulties presented by complete edentulism.

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Digital Impressions for an Immediate Denture

by Dean H. Saiki, DDS – Versatility, accuracy and ease of use are just some of the benefits digital impression technology offers over conventional impression techniques. This case study from Dr. Saiki illustrates how digital impressions are not only equal to conventional impressions, but are in some instances the only appropriate option.

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Implant Overdentures: A Superior, Cost-Effective Alternative to Traditional Dentures

by Timothy F. Kosinski, DDS, MAGD – For clinicians looking to provide their edentulous patients with better function, stability and quality of life, an implant overdenture is an excellent, cost-effective option. The restorative protocol is relatively easy to learn and presents an accessible gateway to implant therapy and the tremendous benefits it affords both the patient and the practice.

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Achieving Success with Small-Diameter Implants

by Paresh B. Patel, DDS – With the use of guided surgery and small-diameter implants (SDIs), more patients can undergo implant surgery to achieve their desired goals to have teeth. SDIs, along with minimally invasive dentistry, are an ideal treatment solution to consider when standard-body implants are not feasible without additional procedures.

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A Digital Spin on Traditional Dentures

by Dave Morales, CDT, and Nhung Truing – We’re very proud to be able to deliver a service that offers reduced appointments, predictable costs, and a better definitive prosthesis. Digital technology has dramatically shifted the future of the Removables department at Glidewell Laboratories, and we hope that more clinicians will take advantage of the benefits this workflow provides.

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The BruxZir Full-Arch Implant Prosthesis: Three Ideal Indications

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A Technique for Obtaining Accurate Full-Arch Implant Impressions

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Protocol on Replacing Broken Acrylic with Monolithic Zirconia

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