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Driven to make comprehensive dental implant treatment accessible to a greater number of patients.

Prismatik Dentalcraft: A Trailblazer in Implant Manufacturing

Driven by a desire to make implant therapy the standard of care for edentulous patients across the economic spectrum, Prismatik Dentalcraft is dedicated to providing exceptional, clinically proven implant solutions at an affordable price. Our growing family of product lines encompasses everything required to predictably restore a missing tooth. From precision-manufactured Inclusive® Prosthetic Components compatible with most major implant systems, to complete, leading-edge surgical solutions such as the Hahn™ Tapered Implant System, Inclusive® Tapered Implant System and Inclusive® Mini Implant System, our product offerings are designed to address the challenges faced by today’s clinicians and laboratories in meeting patient expectations for an efficient, esthetic, dependable outcome. Our ISO-certified facility in Irvine, California, operates under FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs), and in 2015 alone produced 1.6 million dental implant components for customers worldwide.

Featuring a diverse team of experts with decades of experience in the design and manufacture of implant components, Prismatik has quickly established itself as a leader in implant manufacturing. Renowned implantologists with comprehensive clinical backgrounds have helped to research, develop and bring to market some of the industry’s most innovative products. Together, we’ve built a strong reputation for offering an effective, straightforward, one-stop shopping experience for doctors seeking high-quality components, competitive pricing and a trusted source for implant products. Our high-tech manufacturing capabilities have helped doctors restore an extraordinary amount of cases each year, and we continue in our efforts to expand the availability of this advanced form of treatment.

Groundbreaking Implant Solutions

Founded in 2006 to complement Glidewell Laboratories in its nearly half-century-long tradition of providing cost-effective dental solutions, Prismatik Dentalcraft began its venture into implants with four key industry innovators, an empty warehouse and a forward-thinking strategy — one that would harness technology in order to provide high value at an affordable price, thereby bringing comprehensive dental implant treatment to a greater number of patients.

With a thoughtful R&D approach and a deliberately slow migration into the implant sector from 2006 to 2010, customer demand drove our business to focus on improving the availability of prosthetic components to complement all of the major implant companies. These were the precise parts and pieces that essentially went “on top of the implant.” At the lab, we found that lead times for purchasing name-brand components took anywhere from four to six weeks, with parts routinely on backorder, slowing down and complicating the treatment doctors provided to their patients. Additionally, those brands were charging exorbitant prices for their components. Knowing there had to be a better way to provide high-quality, affordable prosthetic components with which to restore implant cases, Prismatik took on the task of producing these critical products in-house. We secured both ISO certification and U.S. FDA 510(k) clearance for manufacturing our own line of Inclusive Prosthetic Components, a comprehensive line of restorative components compatible with the market-leading implant systems. Launching an “inclusive” line enabled us to eliminate pricing discrepancies across competing systems. And for the first time, we were able to provide doctors with a predictable case fee that enabled them to offer their patients a predictable treatment fee — which in turn led to an increase in treatment acceptance. To ensure that these products would meet or exceed customer expectations, we utilized the highest quality raw materials, sourced from and produced in the United States. Cost-cutting strategies were implemented by way of an extremely efficient workflow, and our savings were passed on to clinicians. Doctors immediately embraced this novel approach of receiving an affordable, inclusive package price upfront.

Inclusive® Tapered Implant
Hahn™ Tapered Implant
Inclusive® Prosthetic Components
Inclusive® Mini Implant

From 2010 to 2011, the company quickly blossomed, as nearly two dozen experts specializing in the field of implant manufacturing were brought onboard to support this robust manufacturing division. The new team members were considered the top in the industry, with decades of experience in everything from engineering, machining and surface treatments to software development, design and inspection. They hit the ground running, and in an effort to offer our customers a high-strength, low-cost alternative to premium brands, we launched the Inclusive Mini Implant System in the fall of 2011. These devices offer numerous benefits, including a minimally invasive surgical protocol, placement in limited bone, immediate loading and, of course, affordability, as they represent a low-cost alternative to conventional-diameter implants.

Building on the success of the Inclusive Mini Implant System and inclusive pricing structure, in the spring of 2012, we released the Inclusive Tapered Implant System, blending time-tested features with a contemporary design. In order to develop an implant to perform optimally within demanding clinical situations, the team collaborated with distinguished doctors to design, improve upon and refine all aspects of the implant system. For ease of use, the system launched with three diameters, each available in five lengths. An industry-standard internal hex prosthetic connection was selected for the implant-abutment interface, with two standard platform sizes serving to minimize components and simplify the restorative process for both dentists and laboratories.

With vigilant oversight, a three-year follow-up study of Inclusive Tapered Implants published in 2015 resulted in a 96.6 percent overall survival rate. Radiographic observations made during the course of the study showed that, in addition to excellent survival rates, the implant also preserved bone effectively — key to both esthetics and function over the long term. The data collected during this study was compared with results from two of the leading implant systems on the market, and Inclusive Tapered Implants were confirmed to represent a predictable, versatile solution that can be utilized with confidence across a full range of clinical indications and protocols.

Given its initial success, the Inclusive Tapered Implant line has since been expanded to include two more diameters, ranging now from 3.2 mm to 5.2 mm. It also serves as the foundation for the Inclusive® Tooth Replacement System from Glidewell Laboratories, the industry’s first fully integrated solution for the predictable restoration of a missing tooth. This end-to-end treatment modality comprehensively addresses surgical, healing and restorative considerations, simplifying planning and communication issues known to complicate implant cases between surgical and restorative phases.

Advances in Implant Treatment

Prismatik’s most recent milestone is our partnership with implant pioneer and educator Dr. Jack Hahn to bring the Hahn Tapered Implant System to life. Dr. Hahn is widely known for developing the original tapered implant in the 1990s and has placed and restored over 45,000 implants over the course of his 45-year career. With decades of participation in numerous implant studies as well as long-term clinical observations of both surgical and restorative sides of treatment, Dr. Hahn identified various aspects of conventional implants that he felt could be improved upon. With his vast knowledge, he was determined to design a simpler, more predictable implant than found in traditional form factors, with greater versatility, improved efficiency, superior control and heightened stability.

Dr. Hahn’s expertise in implant design, combined with Prismatik’s proven manufacturing experience, proved to be an exciting marriage. Engineered to engage a maximum amount of bone and achieve a high degree of primary stability in an extensive range of clinical situations, the system’s design features were carefully crafted to help clinicians mitigate patient trauma and reduce chair time, promote long-term integration, and facilitate immediate provisionalization and other prosthetic considerations. With a pronounced thread pattern that seats quickly and increases bone contact, the Hahn Tapered Implant enables precise control of insertion direction, aiding in positioning and angulation during placement.

The American Academy of Implant Dentistry recently honored Dr. Hahn with the 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award for his pioneering career in implant dentistry and the pivotal innovations he has contributed to the field. Combining his decades of clinical experience with cutting-edge design, the Hahn Tapered Implant is a contemporary implant tailored to the demands of modern implant dentistry. In 2016, the Hahn Tapered Implant System was selected by the venerable Misch International Implant Institute as the exclusive implant system for its renowned series of training seminars, further validating the painstaking efforts that went into its development.

A Continued Tradition

At Prismatik, we believe product development is more than simply devising ideas and bringing them to life. It involves constant analysis and the ability to recognize evolving consumer demands. All new products endure rigorous clinical studies by a team of established doctors in our on-site dental operatory, proving themselves before they are ever released. Education partnerships with esteemed organizations such as the Misch International Implant Institute and the Perio Institute offer additional opportunities for product validation, and provide clinicians a chance to familiarize themselves with the features and benefits before incorporating these solutions into their practice.

Throughout the course of our first decade, we’ve expanded from just two machines when we opened our doors to more than 20 sophisticated units. Utilizing the same equipment as other globally recognized leaders in the marketplace, our machines are ideally suited for the precision required of implants and components. Futuristic robotics is implemented in our tool-cutting techniques, while additional machines ensure proper tolerances and precise implant connections. Parts are meticulously inspected, externally and internally, to verify the connection and the thread, and our oversight procedures are unsurpassed. Of the more than 1.6 million parts produced in 2015, a mere .063 percent of those pieces resulted in customer complaint, demonstrating Prismatik’s staunch quality control protocol in a field that requires the utmost accuracy and repeatability.

Inclusive Tapered Implant Surgical Kit
Inclusive® Tapered Implant Surgical Kit
Hahn Implant Prosthetic Kit
Hahn™ Implant Prosthetic Kit

Over the years, the empty warehouse that was the launching ground for our business became jam-packed with wall-to-wall products and equipment, and in 2015 Prismatik moved to its current, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility on an expanding campus in Irvine, California. In addition to our own popular product lines, we now produce virtually every restorative component available for over 10 different private-label brands, with more constantly being added. With many other projects currently in the works, we continue to expand globally, as our products can be found all over the world, in countries such as Canada, Mexico, Thailand, Turkey and Germany.

Despite our rapid expansion, we maintain our core goal established by founder Jim Glidewell back in 1970: to improve the lives of individuals seeking better oral health. Prismatik Dentalcraft, which has raised the bar in implant innovation, remains rooted in groundbreaking technologies that give both doctors and patients the predictable implant treatment options they have come to expect.

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