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Our Culture

Our unprecedented success here at Glidewell Laboratories is driven first and foremost by the enthusiastic efforts of our employees. New candidates are often surprised by the number of team members who have been with us for 20 years or more. In an era where professional commitment has become ever less common, we take pride in helping our employees build satisfying, long-term careers with virtually unlimited growth potential. Doing so involves more than just a weekly paycheck. It requires a positive, day-to-day environment that fosters respect, nurtures potential, promotes innovation, and instills a sense of satisfaction, accountability, cooperation and fun in everything that we do.


Balance and Motivation

For most of us, life extends beyond the workplace. Glidewell employees are encouraged to maintain a healthy balance between the obligations of job, household and any civic, religious or recreational activities they may enjoy. A fresh, well-rounded individual is more likely to remain productive and quality-minded than a stifled one, and we therefore do everything we can to respect and accommodate individual needs. The dynamic nature of our industry and an energetic company environment provide ample opportunity for would-be trailblazers to face new challenges and reap the rewards. Yet we also believe that success cannot be universally defined. Each individual must be self-motivated, encouraged to find and set a comfortable pace without undue external pressure.


Family Away from Home

Work may represent only one segment of our lives, but in terms of time and energy, it is for many of us one of the largest. It is therefore important to us here at Glidewell to create and maintain a setting that is both friendly and supportive — so that work feels less like work and more like play. How? Part of it is in the work itself, in making each employee feel integral to the success of the company from which we all benefit. An even greater part, perhaps, is the sense of camaraderie we all share. We seek to hire only positive-minded individuals who are sympathetic toward others and willing to lend a helping hand. Amid the work, we take time off throughout the year to celebrate holidays, personal and organizational milestones, humanitarian causes, and other special events — to recognize and congratulate one another on our collaborative achievements, or simply come together in shared support. While we cannot replace your loved ones at home, we most certainly endeavor to provide an atmosphere of family and friendship that our employees can look forward to each and every workday.


Entertainment Tickets, Shipping Benefits … and More

Looking for something fun to do when you get off work? Glidewell Laboratories is pleased to offer discounted tickets to movies, various attractions, theme parks and much more. We’ve partnered with Ticketsatwork.com to provide our employees with discounted tickets to fun activities they can enjoy with family and friends. We encourage all employees to take advantage of this great program and get out there and have some fun!

We also are pleased to offer discounted shipping rates exclusive to Glidewell employees. Due to the convenience of our shipping department, employees can ship personal mail and packages directly from work at discounted rates. This convenient service saves our employees hassle, time and money.

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