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Internships at Glidewell

The Glidewell Laboratories Internship Program is a one-of-a-kind program that was created to build a mutually beneficial partnership between the company and up-and-coming talent, while introducing participants to a team of experienced mentors that provide invaluable hands-on training in a supportive work environment. During the program, interns will witness how we combine individual efforts with a high degree of teamwork to achieve success at the company each and every day. This unique program gives participants the chance to experience projects they would never experience while sitting in a lecture hall behind classroom doors. 

Glidewell is proud to offer full-time internships with generous compensation. Program participants also receive free membership to the company’s employee-only on-site gym, access to the company’s low-cost on-site cafeteria, and opportunities to attend training and development programs offered through the company’s on-site training, education and technology demonstration center. Recent college graduates and current students looking for a summertime growth opportunity are encouraged to apply. With the right attitude and excellent results, this opportunity can potentially be the start to a rewarding full-time career at Glidewell Laboratories.

Our mission with the internship program is to ensure that the experience you have during your time at Glidewell is informative, rewarding, challenging and fun. Take this opportunity to learn about our business and gain vital hands-on training from your mentors. Remember, what you decide to put into this program will be what you get out of it, so make the best of it!

— Jim Glidewell, President/CEO

Internship Success Stories

We are proud of the many mutually beneficial partnerships that have formed between our experienced mentors and participating interns since the program’s inception. Some of our recent mentors and interns share their experiences and highlights of the program below.

What did you enjoy most about the internship program?

The thing I enjoyed most about the internship program was watching Austin take ownership of tasks assigned, and effectively managing a change program to improve company efficiencies with minimal input from me.

Anthony, Mentor
Process Improvement Specialist, Lab Operations

What would you say to the interns of 2016?

Be ready, Glidewell Laboratories is a great place to learn — there are many opportunities here because the company has many different purposes and you may find that something here solidifies your future career choices or paths.

Shondrika, Mentor
Asset Management Specialist, IT

What made the program unique? What did you like about it?

The Glidewell Laboratories Internship Program was very unique from any other experience that I have had. I was not treated as an intern — I was treated as any other regular Glidewell employee. I began recruiting the very next day, and I had the Recruitment Team along my side to answer any questions throughout the entire program. The company itself is also very unique. I have never worked anywhere with such a wonderful company culture before. It is an incredibly supportive and friendly environment, and everyone is genuinely happy to be at work every day. Mr. Glidewell is very employee-centric and it shows!

Alexxa, Summer Intern 2014
Human Resources

What did you learn from the program? How did it benefit you?

What I learned in this internship that was unique to school was the process and steps involved in new product development. Learning how to approach problems, working with people with different strengths, and gaining industry experience benefitted me. I knew that I wanted to be in R&D and engineering after this internship.

Dan, Summer Intern 2014
Research & Development

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