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About Richard

Construction Manager, Facilities

Richard has more than 15 years of residential and commercial construction experience. In 2007, Richard was hired to work in the Glidewell Laboratories internal cabinetry shop. Management quickly recognized Richard’s ability to understand a vast amount of different construction practices, and he was promoted into a supervisor position in 2010. Richard’s continued education in construction technologies and project management combined with his earning of a general contracting license guided him into the role of Construction Manager for the lab in 2013.

Richard's story

  • Jan 2013 — Current
    Construction Manager

  • Dec 2011
    Maintenance Manager

  • Oct 2010
    Maintenance Supervisor

  • Feb 2007
    Construction Laborer

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Q: What’s the best part about your job at Glidewell Laboratories?

A: As a Construction Manager at Glidewell, my core responsibility is helping the dreamers, achievers and believers within this company who have visions for new departments and processes and facilities. My responsibility is to support them. I also manage a good-sized construction team that ranges from electricians to cabinetmakers to plumbers to painters, and I have a responsibility to make sure they get to the next level with their skills. The best part of my job is the challenge. I’m the kind of individual who can’t be doing the same thing. I can’t be stagnant. I can’t be bored. When I do that I feel like I’m in a box. I’m the kind of individual who wants to chase opportunity and dreams daily.

Q: Why did you choose to join Glidewell instead of another company?

A: I often ask myself this because it helps me remember where I came from and where I’m going. The construction industry is typically project-based, meaning you finish a project and you go on to the next project. Those projects could be in different cities, different states. They might be working with a team, but it’s a smaller team. I had a bigger vision professionally. At Glidewell I have the opportunity to explore and be part of a bigger team that has bigger dreams. The work is project-based within the company, but there’s one project for the company and that’s to get the whole company to the next level. Another factor is the stability. The construction industry in general is not very stable. But at Glidewell, we have enough people here that are set up to come up with the next big thing, the next dream, the next project that if we need to shift off of a project, there’s always another one of equal urgency.

Q: Are there any particular projects you’ve worked on that stick out in your mind?

A: Two projects come to mind. One is our employee health and wellness center and gym. It was a really fun project for me because the whole time we were working on it I just had this feeling that what we were building was going to benefit so many people. Other people could have built it for Glidewell, but for our company to have its internal construction department build it out was just a great feeling. The other project is a company facility we built in Costa Rica. It was a really great experience to be a part of that, to support Glidewell in getting a lab down there of its caliber. Getting to meet the people who work within that facility, the locals, and to be able to see what we’re contributing to that area was just a phenomenal experience.

Q: As the company continues to grow and change, how do you see the future for the employees?

A: The future for the employees is tremendously beautiful in my eyes. There’s so much opportunity in a company that takes care of its employees so well and provides them with education, training and continued challenge. We’re constantly challenged to do better and get better. We’re always going. This is a company of flowing people. Innovation is flowing. Everything is moving. As far as internal opportunity, I believe the individual employees themselves control it because the company has it. It’s really just a matter of who wants to grab it.

Q: Would you say that Glidewell employees are generally supportive of the success of other employees?

A: I believe they are beyond supportive. Glidewell Laboratories has created teams that have a responsibility to get people to the next level. If you look at how long the company has been around and how many people we have today, there’s no way we would have been able to get to this point without people helping others get to the next level.

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