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Bone Grafting and Socket Preservation – April 2017

Whether you’re preserving the ridge following an extraction or performing a sinus augmentation to create the site for a dental implant, bone grafting is an invaluable surgical technique in today’s general practice. For clinicians interested in learning more about bone grafting, along with its diverse applications in implant therapy and its benefits for patients, I suggest the following videos, articles and hands-on courses.

– Neil Park, DMD
Vice President of Clinical Affairs


Extraction with Immediate Implant Placement and Ridge Preservation in the Posterior

Dr. Timothy Kosinski explains how to use bone augmentation and immediate implant placement to accomplish a predictable outcome in a posterior extraction site.

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Bone Grafting and Its Many Applications

This video illustrates Dr. Paresh Patel’s bone grafting preferences, including straightforward surgical techniques for indications ranging from ridge preservation to sinus elevation.

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Periapical Defect Grafting at an Extraction Site

Dr. Charles Schlesinger utilizes a predictable bone augmentation procedure to facilitate implant treatment for a patient who presents with a periapical lesion.

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Bone Grafting and Immediate Implant Placement in the Anterior

Dr. Kosinski shows how proper bone grafting techniques and immediate implantation offer benefits for patients who present with untreatable teeth in the anterior.

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Clinical Tip — Ice Cream Cone Grafting Technique for Ridge Preservation

Dr. Siamak Abai illustrates what is known as the Ice Cream Cone Grafting Technique, a simple, predictable procedure that preserves bone height and width.

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Seven Simple Steps to Implant Success

Dr. Patel explains a straightforward protocol for placing and restoring an implant in an extraction site that has been grafted and allowed to heal.

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Clinical Tip — The ‘Book’ Approach to Reflecting a Surgical Flap

Dr. Jack Hahn demonstrates how to identify, expose, graft and properly place an implant in the presence of a facial bone defect.

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Case Report: Site Development in Preparation for Immediate Implant Placement

Dr. Abai illustrates how surgical intervention and bone grafting can be performed in advance of tooth extraction to address a periapical pathology and active infection.

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Implant 2.0 – A Further Exploration of the Implant Treatment Modality

Dr. Schlesinger explores advanced techniques in dental implantology, including implant placement protocols, grafting and prosthetic techniques.

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Surgical Placement of Dental Implants: A Restorative-Driven Approach

Dr. Kosinski’s two-day course will equip general dentists with simple implant treatment protocols for single-unit cases, including extraction and socket grafting.

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