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Clinical Tips – February 2017

I have hand-picked a few videos and articles containing insightful clinical tips that I found to be worth sharing. From veneer bonding tips to implant prosthesis design, these tips can save time and produce better results for your patients. I hope you find these techniques beneficial to your own practice and encourage you to share them with your colleagues.

– Neil Park, DMD
Vice President of Clinical Affairs


Implant Verification Jig for Full-Arch Reconstructions

Dr. Siamak Abai shares his tip on how to preserve the inter-implant relationship in the final impression for full-arch implant prostheses.

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Bone Grafting Materials: What the Experts Think

Dr. Carl Misch, Dr. Jack Hahn and Dr. Paresh Patel share their bone grafting materials of choice and discuss the advantages of each.

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Chairside Live Episode 185:
Clever Tips for Bonding to Zirconia

Dr. Anamaria Muresan restores a broken tooth and a stained smile with BruxZir® Anterior veneers on teeth #4–13.

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Maximizing Final Impression and Dental Cast Articulation Accuracy

Dr. Abai demonstrates a straightforward means of addressing inaccurate occlusal records and final impressions by fabricating an occlusal verification jig and implant verification jig.

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Implant Placement in the Esthetic Zone

Dr. Abai reviews the general parameters and considerations for diagnosing, treatment planning and surgically placing implants in the esthetic zone.

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Improving Implant Restoration Margins with Cord Packing and Direct Impressions

Dr. Abai demonstrates how to maximize the accuracy of final restorations by seating the final abutment, packing retraction cord and taking a direct impression.

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Tissue Surface Design for Full-Arch Implant Restorations

by Siamak Abai, DDS, MMedSc – Dr. Abai explains how to establish an ideal intaglio surface for full-arch implant restorations, emphasizing use of a convex design.

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The ‘Book’ Approach to Reflecting a Surgical Flap

by Jack A. Hahn, DDS – Dr. Hahn explains the “book” approach to reflecting a surgical flap, demonstrating how to identify, graft and position an implant in the presence of a facial defect.

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The Benefits of an Occlusal Guard

by Vladimir R. Jovic, DMD – Dr. Jovic explores the importance and advantages of occlusal guards, the effects of tooth loss on bite-force perception, and the rationale for prescribing occlusal guards for all patients who have received full-arch implant treatment.

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Maximizing Esthetics for Screw-Retained Crowns

This article explores how to esthetically seal the screw access holes of screw-retained crowns.

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