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Techniques for Immediate Implant Placement – June 2017

Clinicians can provide patients with swift relief for a non-restorable tooth by following a straightforward set of guidelines for atraumatic tooth removal, site preparation and implant placement. This technique is particularly effective for broken teeth and other “emergency” situations. The following articles and videos are excellent resources for practitioners interested in a treatment protocol for satisfying patients who want a restoration as quickly as possible.

– Neil Park, DMD
Vice President of Clinical Affairs


Site Development in Preparation for Immediate Implant Placement

Dr. Siamak Abai illustrates how surgical intervention and bone grafting can be performed in advance of tooth extraction to resolve an infection and develop the site for immediate implantation.

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Extraction with Immediate Implant Placement and Ridge Preservation in the Posterior

Here, Dr. Timothy Kosinski illustrates atraumatic extraction of maxillary left first and second bicuspids, followed by bone augmentation and immediate placement of implants.

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Immediate, Esthetic Tooth Replacement

Dr. Timothy Kosinski reviews a case in which immediate extraction and implantation help achieve predictable, esthetic results at a lateral incisor site.

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The Emergency Implant Technique

Dr. Jack Hahn explains the basic parameters for “emergency tooth replacement” and utilizes the technique to maximize primary stability, implant positioning, and maintenance of tissues.

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Bone Grafting and Immediate Implant Placement in the Anterior

Dr. Timothy Kosinski demonstrates bone grafting and immediate implant placement in the esthetic zone.

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Immediate Implant Placement and Time-Saving Techniques

Dr. Siamak Abai discusses advancements in implant material and design, as well as techniques to save valuable chair time.

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Immediate Extraction and Implant Placement

Watch Dr. Charles Schlesinger place an implant and utilize grafting materials to treat the patient’s periapical lesion.

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