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Implant Surgery Methods – March 2017

The placement of dental implants is no longer a skill exclusive to specialists — advancements in digital technologies and continuing education opportunities have made it possible for general dentists to provide their patients with the benefits of this treatment. I have selected a few videos, articles and free continuing education courses full of valuable information on implant surgery for any clinician interested in implantology.

– Neil Park, DMD
Vice President of Clinical Affairs


Chairside Live Episode 180: A Straightforward Implant Case on Tooth #30

Dr. Siamak Abai takes us through his step-by-step protocol for an implant case on tooth #30.

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Chairside Live Episode 206: Pros and Cons of Guided vs. Freehand Implant Placement

Dr. Abai takes a look at freehanded versus guided surgery, exploring each method through a case example.

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Choosing an Implant Surgery Method Based on Indication

Dr. Abai explores two cases to compare and contrast different implant surgery methods: guided and freehand. Each method has its pros and cons, with many factors to consider.

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Chairside Live Episode 163: Replacing a Bridge with Obsidian® Pressed to Metal

Dr. Abai replaces a failing bridge on teeth #7–10 with Obsidian® Pressed to Metal crowns on #7 and #10, and Obsidian Pressed to Metal screw-retained crowns on #8 and #9 after using guided surgery.

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Resolving Functional and Esthetic Concerns in the Maxillary Anterior Region

In Dr. Kosinski’s case report, he describes how to provide an esthetic and functional solution in the smile zone.

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Accurate Implant Placement: Digital Scanning and Use of Tooth-Guided, Tooth-Supported Surgical Guides

Advances in technology have given dentists a new level of confidence in the placing and restoring of implants.

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Optimizing Lateral Incisor Function and Esthetics with the Hahn™ Tapered Implant System

Dr. Kosinski demonstrates implant placement in a patient missing tooth #7, achieving proper positioning within the limited anatomical space of the edentulous site.

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Seven Simple Steps to Implant Success (1 CE Credit)

Dr. Paresh Patel has established seven simple steps that streamline the treatment protocol in this type of single-unit implant case.

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Freehand vs. Guided Surgery: Clinical Considerations and Case Examples (2 CE Credits)

When it comes to guided and freehand surgery, the circumstances of each case and the situation of the patient ultimately dictate which approach to adopt.

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Guided Implant Surgery for Single-Tooth Restorations: Streamlining the Process (2 CE Credits)

Participants will become more familiar with and better appreciate the many benefits of digital treatment planning for single-tooth restorations after taking this course.

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