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Screw- vs. Cement-Retained Implant Restorations – May 2017

When restoring a single-tooth implant, clinicians have the option of delivering a screw-retained restoration or cementing a crown over an abutment. Clinicians are increasingly recognizing the benefits of CAD/CAM-designed abutments that control the soft-tissue margins and align with the peri-implant gingival anatomy. In addition, screw-retained restorations provide additional security in situations where the clinician wants to eliminate the potential for retained excess cement and the resulting risks to the long-term health of the implant. The following articles and videos are an excellent resource for practitioners deciding which option is best for the individual patient.

– Neil Park, DMD
Vice President of Clinical Affairs


Screw- vs. Cement-Retained Restorations: Clinical Trends and Considerations

Dr. Siamak Abai explains the guidelines and anatomical characteristics to consider when determining whether a cement- or screw-retained restoration is ideal for each case.

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Choosing Between Screw-Retained and Cement-Retained Implant Crowns

Drs. William Campbell and Marc Herman define the clinical situations that are best suited to a cementable implant solution and those for which a screw-retained restoration is indicated.

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The Clinical Advantages of Custom Abutments: Why Customization Is Rendering Stock Abutments Obsolete

Using several clinical examples, Dr. Jack Hahn explains why he switched from stock abutments to custom abutments, favoring their esthetic gingival margins and lifelike emergence profile.

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The Battle of the Stock Abutment Versus the Custom Abutment

Dr. Michael DiTolla examines a common single-unit implant case, the disadvantages of stock abutments, and how custom abutments help achieve an optimal prosthetic outcome.

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A Perfect Fit: Custom Abutments Produced from Digital Impressions

Dr. Timothy Kosinski reviews an anterior implant case and illustrates the precise fit and remarkable esthetics offered by custom abutments produced from digital intraoral impressions.

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The Roadmap to Dental Implant Success: The Next Steps

In this two-day course, Dr. Paresh Patel explores advanced surgical and prosthetic techniques, including treatment planning, bone grafting, flap vs. flapless surgery, and restorative options.

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