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Education Corner: Learning Opportunities Abound

Glidewell Partners with Amazon to Host Alexa Multimodal Hackathon

Glidewell Dental and Amazon recently collaborated to host an Alexa Hackathon event in Irvine, California. This technology-based workshop included an introduction to Alexa Presentation Language (APL) led by Amazon, followed by hands-on training in how to build multimodal app experiences, which incorporate various elements to enhance the customer experience.

A team challenge followed the training, with participants putting their newly acquired skills to the test in building successful voice apps using APL. Results were judged by members of Amazon’s Alexa team and a leading member of the IT team at Glidewell.

The Hackathon focused on the development of voice apps that create a full immersion experience for the customer, including the incorporation of elements such as visuals and touch effects. In partnering with Amazon to host this event, Glidewell illustrated its commitment to staying on the cutting edge of technology with new tools, resources and platforms to provide customers with everything they need in a streamlined, easy-to-use format.

Enhance Your Skill Set with Upcoming Glidewell International Technology Center Courses Across the Country

Incorporating Dental Sleep Medicine Into Your Practice
Suzanne Haley, DMD

  • June 14–15, 2019: Louisville, Kentucky
  • Aug. 2–3, 2019: Atlanta, Georgia

Dr. Suzanne Haley presents the fundamentals of dental sleep medicine in this two-day course that features a lecture with a hands-on workshop. Learn the science behind obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and other sleep disorders, and examine how dentists can play a crucial role in providing effective treatment. Attendees will participate in interactive demonstrations while learning how to integrate oral appliance therapy into their services.

Hard-Tissue Grafting: Hands-On Pig Jaw Course
Charles Schlesinger, DDS, FICOI

  • July 12–13, 2019: Louisville, Kentucky
  • Nov. 22–23, 2019: Irvine, California

This fast-paced course will cover everything from the basics of grafting materials to the surgical procedures proven effective for sinus elevations, ridge augmentation and grafting around immediate implants. The concepts taught will be reinforced with a surgical, hands-on experience in a pig-jaw lab on the second day of the course. Attendees will gain an understanding of the various regenerative materials used in grafting and when to utilize each, as well as the role of bone augmentation in placing and preparing sites for implants.

Incorporating Guided Implant Placement Into Your Practice
Paresh Patel, DDS

  • July 12, 2019: Irvine, California
  • Sept. 20, 2019: Louisville, Kentucky
  • Nov. 15, 2019: Irvine, California

Increase patient satisfaction with an efficient, predictable treatment process that minimizes patient discomfort while maximizing the esthetic and functional outcome. Dr. Paresh Patel will demonstrate the latest digital treatment planning (DTP) technology and techniques that begin with the successful end result in mind. This course features in-depth lectures and hands-on exercises that incorporate every aspect of DTP and guided surgery from diagnosis, to implant placement, to delivery of the final prosthesis.

A Practical Approach to Cosmetic Dentistry and Veneers
Christopher Pescatore, DMD

  • Aug. 16, 2019: Louisville, Kentucky
  • Sept. 20, 2019: Irvine, California

The foundation of cosmetic dentistry lies within the delivery of restorations that are both functional and esthetic. In this one-day course, Dr. Christopher Pescatore reviews a wide range of topics related to esthetic dentistry, veneers and various treatments, including principles of smile design, incorporation of the latest technology into routine procedures, and techniques for communicating esthetic options to patients. A hands-on workshop portion is included in the course, providing attendees the opportunity to prepare teeth for veneers and ceramic restorations using typodont models.

Dental Sleep Medicine: Overcoming the Challenges to Successful Implementation

  • July 19–20, 2019: Irvine, California
  • Sept. 6–7, 2019: Louisville, Kentucky
  • Oct. 4–5, 2019: Austin, Texas
  • Dec. 13–14, 2019: Orlando, Florida

In this two-day course, Dr. John Tucker will cover the latest clinical and technological information in dental sleep medicine and how it can be a powerful part of comprehensive treatment of dental patients. Attendees will learn simple techniques to overcome issues that commonly prevent dentists from incorporating treatment of snoring and sleep apnea, including proper screening, patient acceptance, appliance use with TMJ, and reimbursement. Attendees will also participate in several hands-on segments demonstrating the importance of nasal breathing and bite registration. Upon completion of this program, you will have the education and tools necessary to successfully implement dental sleep medicine into your practice.

To view more information on these courses and register, visit glidewellcecenter.com.

Learn from the Experts and Collaborate with Peers at the Glidewell Study Club

The Glidewell Study Club provides opportunities for clinicians to foster their clinical skills while furthering their knowledge and making connections with colleagues, leading to improved patient care throughout the dental community. Dental educational courses provided by the Glidewell Study Club combine exciting new developments in research with proven methods to promote understanding and advancement among clinicians and address the needs of the modern dental practice.

Upcoming Sessions of the Glidewell Study Club

Esthetic Dentistry: Latest Advancements in Materials and Techniques
Justin Chi, DDS, CDT

  • May 23, 2019: Irvine, California

Discover the latest in restorative materials, including esthetic zirconia, and explore the full range of solutions, from anterior and posterior crowns, to implant restorations and veneers. Dr. Justin Chi presents an in-depth look at all aspects of esthetic dentistry, including prep and bonding techniques, material selection, and treatment planning.

Building a Successful Relationship with Physicians
Suzanne Haley, DMD

  • June 13, 2019: Louisville, Kentucky

This lecture focuses on dental sleep medicine, providing participants with information on how to build, maintain and grow beneficial relationships with physicians when treating patients with sleep disorders. Information such as how to create partnerships and develop referrals with physicians is presented to help clinicians expand their practice and improve their patient care.

Veneers: Prep or No Prep?
Anamaria Muresan, DMD, ME, CDT

  • June 13, 2019: Irvine, California

Learn effective approaches to planning and treating veneer cases, including consideration of existing dentition and achieving the esthetic outcome desired by the patient. Dr. Anamaria Muresan presents information on prep designs, occlusion and its effect on material choices, natural shade reproduction, and more.

Visit glidewellstudyclub.com or call 866-791-9539 for details and registration.
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