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Dr. DiTolla’s Clinical Tips – Rebilda® Post System


Rebilda® Post System


VOCO America Inc.
Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.

Considering that placing posts and cores isn’t an everyday procedure for most dentists, it’s surprising how many emails I get asking which post-and-core system I prefer. I continue to try different systems on an ongoing basis, but it’s a niche filled with me-too products for the most part. I recently ordered the Rebilda® Post System from VOCO America and was pleasantly surprised from the moment I opened the box and found the directions on the lid — the rest of the industry could learn a thing or two from VOCO about directions! Beyond that, the fiber posts are highly translucent, while being more radiopaque than the posts I was using before, and the drill sizes are well-matched to the post sizes. The kit also includes VOCO’s bonding agent and dual-cure buildup material to ensure the chemistry will work to provide maximum retention.

Chairside Magazine: Volume 7, Issue 2

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