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Dr. DiTolla’s Clinical Tips – Elements™ Motor with Adaptive Motion Technology

Elements Motor With Adaptive Motion Technology


Elements™ Motor with Adaptive Motion Technology


SybronEndo Corporation
Orange, Calif.

If you spent your dental school years like I did "shaping" canals with K-files (Hedstrom files were too aggressive for students!), then your head must have almost exploded when you saw your first engine-driven rotary endo files. The downside of this hyper-efficient canal shaping was that a purely rotary motion of the file could lead to file breakage as you proceeded apically and the load increased on the file. When the Elements™ Motor is set on TF Adaptive, the motor rotates clockwise and, depending on the load on the file, adapts and reverses counterclockwise by coasting in a reciprocal motion. This keeps excessive stress off the file and avoids the screw-in effect of a pure rotary system. I am able to treat almost all teeth with just two files: one to create the desired taper and one to enlarge the apical portion of the canal. Shaping has never been simpler.

Chairside Magazine: Volume 9, Issue 1

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