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BioTemps® Clinical Technique

Commonly encountered dental challenges are highlighted for several cases, and obtaining desired esthetic and functional results using laboratory-fabricated temporaries is demonstrated. From planning to the execution of a case, all of the necessary steps, a few optional approaches and many practice tips are provided to help practitioners use temporaries more effectively in order to achieve desired clinical results. Beginning with a brief understanding of laboratory-fabricated temporaries, the basics of fitting and cementing them serve as a backdrop for a productive discussion of many practice techniques (e.g., a review of the Reverse Preparation Technique or use of a clear suck-down splint to achieve enough reduction, removing old restorations, bonding a buildup in place for uniform thickness, temporary reline material, restoring and capturing a new bite relationship, and a demonstration of useful instruments). Also shown is how to use temporaries to create an ideal pontic receptor site, achieve desired tissue levels and promote gingival healing.

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