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Bone Substitutes in Oral Implantology

CE- Bone Substitutes in Oral Implantology
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Course Objectives (1 CE Credit)

Randolph R. Resnik, DMD, MDS

Adequate bone volume is one of the most important prerequisites for predictable implant placement and osseointegration. Therefore, in order to establish an ideal site for implant placement, it is paramount to restore the loss of bone volume that can result from trauma, tooth loss or tooth extraction. Bone regeneration procedures are widely accepted as a viable option for the treatment of edentulous spaces to be restored with an implant-supported prosthesis. Dr. Resnik examines the concept of bone regeneration, fundamentals of bone biology, and bone graft material options available to the implant clinician. Topics include:

  • Ideal characteristics of bone graft material
  • Mechanisms of bone healing
  • Macroscopic and microscopic features of bone
  • Bone cell types involved in the regeneration process
  • Biological properties of osteoregeneration
  • Graft material options, considerations and indications


Bone substitutes have been an important treatment option in implant dentistry. In deciding which bone graft material to use, the clinician must have a clear understanding of how bone heals and be able to distinguish the ideal bone material for the specific case and situation. Ideally, a bone regeneration material should be cost-effective, non-immunogenic, easily handled, and resorbed in unison with new bone formation. Applying a strong understanding of bone biology to the selection of bone substitutes helps to maximize the success of implant treatment in areas where deficient bone volume is present.


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