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Chairside Live – Case of the Week Compendium 31: Potential Strategies for Successful Implant Procedures

Chairside Live – Case of the Week Compendium 31: Potential strategies for successful implant procedures
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Course Objectives (2 CE Credits)

Siamak Abai, DDS, MMedSc; Justin Chi, DDS, CDT; Anamaria Muresan, DMD, ME, CDT

This course will present strategies for successful implant procedures, along with the benefits of restoring with ceramo-metal restorations and screw-retained restorations. Participants who view this presentation will acquire useful clinical and practical information on related topics, including:

  • Creating an osteotomy with the assistance of a surgical guide
  • Benefits of using screw-retained monolithic zirconia restorations
  • Difficulties present when restoring with traditional PFM restorations
  • The process for creating ceramo-metal restorations in a laboratory
  • Understanding what contributes to wear of dentition opposing a restoration
  • Potential challenges when presented with a discolored single-tooth restoration in the esthetic zone
  • Comparing and contrasting bilayered ceramo-metal restorations with lithium silicate all-ceramic restorations
  • Planning a successful implant case


Implantology and the evolution of bilayered restorations are relevant for clinicans seeking to ensure patients have functional and esthetic choices when they require dental intervention. In this presentation, experienced clinicians share their strategies to utilize the latest technologies to enhance patient outcomes.

CAUTION: When viewing the techniques, procedures, theories and materials presented, you must make your own decisions about specific treatment for patients and exercise professional judgment regarding the need for further clinical testing or education and your own clinical expertise before trying to implement new procedures.


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