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Full-Arch Implant Restorations: Improving Patients’ Lives Over the Short and Long Term

CE- Full-Arch Implant Restorations: Improving Patients’ Lives Over the Short and Long Term
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Course Objectives (1 CE Credit)

Paresh B. Patel, DDS

Fully edentulous patients face many challenges, such as discomfort, diminished chewing capability and low self-esteem.

The fixed full-arch implant restoration is a life-changing treatment option for these patients, restoring form and function to a degree that mimics natural dentition.

When sufficient primary stability is established, immediate provisionalization instantly addresses many of the problems associated with edentulism while establishing a template for the final restoration.

In this multimedia presentation, Dr. Paresh Patel illustrates the clinical advantages of this approach using a case example and straightforward parameters for success.

  • Short- and long-term benefits of immediate provisionalization
  • Immediate implant placement in full-arch extraction cases
  • Chairside fabrication of an immediate fixed denture
  • Basic diagnosis and treatment planning of full-arch implant cases
  • Proper implant positioning in extraction sites
  • Restorative workflow for the monolithic zirconia full-arch implant prosthesis
  • Refining prosthetic design with immediate dentures and PMMA provisionals
  • Patient benefits of fixed full-arch implant restorations


By providing the stability and function of a fixed prosthesis, the placement of implants to support a full-arch restoration represents the optimal treatment option for the fully edentulous patient. In many cases, a fixed temporary restoration can be delivered at the surgical appointment, providing instant relief for patients who suffer from compromised oral function and esthetics while setting the stage for a predictable final outcome that aligns with the patient’s precise expectations.


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