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Extraction with Immediate Implant Placement in Full-Arch Indications

CE Test Extraction with Immediate Implant Placement in Full-Arch Indications
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Course Objectives (1 CE Credit)

Jack A. Hahn, DDS

Extraction with immediate implant placement is a treatment option that offers instant, life-changing benefits for patients who present with terminal dentition. This technique shortens overall treatment time and restores form and function in one appointment, allowing the patient to walk out of the office with implants and a temporary appliance in place on the day of extraction. By properly positioning the implants and following a straightforward restorative protocol, clinicians can achieve a predictable, long-lasting restoration for the patient.

Topics include:

  • Treatment planning considerations for immediate implant placement and full-arch zirconia restorations
  • Clinical benefits of extraction with immediate implant placement
  • Proper facial-lingual positioning of immediately placed implants
  • The effect of implant design on positioning and primary stability
  • General surgical guidelines for immediately placed implants
  • Advantages of full-arch restorations fabricated from monolithic zirconia
  • Basic restorative protocol for monolithic zirconia full-arch implant prostheses


Immediate implant placement can help address both the short- and long-term needs of patients requiring full-arch implant treatment. In addition to offering a streamlined treatment protocol, this approach provides instant relief for patients with terminal dentition. With an understanding of the surgical and prosthetic procedures involved, the properly trained clinician can utilize this technique to set the stage for a monolithic zirconia implant prosthesis, affording the patient the most durable restoration possible.


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