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Chairside Live – Case of the Week Compendium 33: Restoring Damaged Teeth and Treatment Planning Implants

Case of the Week Compendium 33: Restoring damaged teeth and treatment planning implants
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Course Objectives (2 CE Credits)

Siamak Abai, DDS, MMedSc; Anamaria Muresan, DMD, ME, CDT; Timothy F. Kosinski, DDS, MAGD

This course will present the benefits of utilizing modern dental techniques and materials to simplify treatment. Participants will acquire useful clinical and practical information on several topics, including:

  • The symptoms of severe occlusal decay
  • Utilizing screw-retained restorations to restore an edentulous ridge
  • Managing bony defects prior to implant placement
  • Treatment planning and placing an implant
  • The benefit of using digitally guided surgery for placing dental implants
  • Avoiding common bite registration errors
  • Treating fractured teeth in the esthetic zone
  • Removing old restorations in the esthetic zone
  • Common clinical indications for bone grafting


Recognizing the need for restoring damaged dentition and utilizing treatment planning for implant placement is pertinent for clinicians ensuring their patients receive the care they desire. In this presentation, experienced clinicians share their strategies to utilize the latest technologies to enhance patient outcomes.

CAUTION: When viewing the techniques, procedures, theories and materials presented, you must make your own decisions about specific treatment for patients and exercise professional judgment regarding the need for further clinical testing or education and your own clinical expertise before trying to implement new procedures.


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