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Let’s Get Digital – February 2018

February 2018


Let’s Get Digital

“What a great time it is to be involved in the growing landscape of digital dentistry. New technology is paving the way to help make clinicians’ practices more efficient, patients’ appointments less stressful, and technicians’ jobs more precise. As the clinical operatory manager at Glidewell Dental, I’m fortunate to get up close with state-of-the-art tools on a daily basis. And with the insights I gain, a large portion of my focus is to motivate dental auxiliaries and professional staff members, and support their key roles in this digital age. My goal is to see the clinical team’s value increase as members take initiative, become more educated, and expand their skill sets, especially within state-of-the-art workflows.

“Leading the way in forging new, efficient workflows is Glidewell Dental, where I’ve seen the company’s legacy as a laboratory, materials developer, digital design studio, and manufacturer bring sea changes in dentistry. The latest proof of this is the glidewell.io™ In-Office Solution, a suite of technologies that streamlines the restorative process, from initial scan to delivery. When you consider the innovations and education available to doctors and clinical teams today, one thing is certain: The bright future of digital dentistry is ready to seize.”

– Will Schmidt, RDA
Clinical Operatory Manager


Feature Content

The Digital Ecosystem Empowering Clinicians

The glidewell.io In-Office Solution delivers intuitive services and profound results.

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Simplifying the Choice for Cases’ Fabrication

Dr. Chad Duplantis shares tips for choosing between in-office and lab restorations.

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Models of Accuracy: Supporting Your Success

A specialized Glidewell team screens intraoral scans to keep cases on track.

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