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Transition Crowns & Bridges®

Transition Crowns & Bridges® are a treatment option that fills the void between custom-made temporaries and the final fixed restoration. Whether prescribed for short-term or long-term use, this restorative option offers an inexpensive interim solution that lasts 10 times longer than traditional lab provisionals. They are often indicated in compromised cases presented by bruxers, periodontal therapy, the elderly or seriously ill, and dental implants.

Transition Crowns & Bridges are fabricated on either prepared or preoperative models in the laboratory to ensure a precise fit. They are composed of a non-abrasive, monomer-free resin and are hypoallergenic. After preparation, they are relined chairside using an ethyl methacrylate resin. Once cemented, Transition Crowns & Bridges are guaranteed against breakage with a two-year replacement warranty — even in the case of bruxers and grinders. They can be used in either the anterior or posterior, with a maximum 4-unit pontic span.


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