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NEW! OASYS Hinge Appliance™

Sleep apnea is a breathing disorder characterized by repetitive pauses in breathing during sleep. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) involves a decrease or complete halt in airflow despite an ongoing effort to breathe. It occurs when the muscles relax during sleep, causing soft tissue in the back of the throat to collapse and block the upper airway. When air rushes through a partially collapsed airway, it creates the sound of snoring, and snoring is one of the most obvious signs of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can be very serious if left untreated because it increases the risk of heart attack, high blood pressure, obesity, stroke and diabetes.

There is a new dental solution to help patients get a more restful night’s sleep: OASYS Hinge Appliance. This device is designed to be comfortable for patients to wear throughout the night. With a better night’s rest, patients will have more energy for their day.

Medicare-approved mandibular advancement device:

An estimated 44 million Americans receive Medicare benefits. Due to their age, 65 or over, these patients are at a greater risk of sleep apnea and related comorbid conditions vs. the general population.

The OASYS Hinge Appliance is eligible for Medicare reimbursement under code E0486. This benefit further expands opportunities for dentists to provide therapy to patients.


  • PDAC (Pricing, Data Analysis and Coding) contractor verified for Medicare reimbursement: Code E0486
  • Designed for maximum comfort, providing ample room for excursive movements
  • Micro-adjustable (0.25 mm increments); up to 10 mm of advancement
  • Treats snoring and sleep apnea quickly and effectively
  • Features telescope-style hinge that does not come apart with full extension

Introductory offer. Save $50 per appliance.

(Special offer expires 12/31/19)

Oasys Hinge Appliance is a trademark of Dream Systems LLC.


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