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Clear-Lock Retainers for Life™

Clear-Lock Retainers for Life™ provide a convenient lifetime replacement service for retainers. Fabricated from clear, BPA-free copolyester, these retainers are custom thermoformed for optimum fit. With each Clear-Lock retainer you prescribe, we digitally scan your patient’s models and store the 3-D digital data for 30 years. Replacement retainers can be reordered from this stored data via your faxed or emailed prescription, eliminating the need for retake impressions.

For patients seeking a retainer that balances esthetics with durability, ASTICS® Clear-Wire Retainers function like traditional Hawley retainers but feature a transparent copolyester labial wire that is stain-resistant and gentle on anterior teeth. ASTICS is easily adjustable for a custom fit and retains its structural integrity and esthetics through many years of use.

Clear, thermoformed Essix® retainers and bonded lingual retainers are also available. Essix retainers can be processed to contain denture teeth or act as a provisional restoration post-extraction or during the osseointegration period after implant treatment, while bonded lingual retainers offer an effective long-term solution for retaining their aligned anterior teeth in the post-treatment position.

ASTICS is a registered trademark of BioMers Products LLC. Essix is a registered trademark of Raintree Essix Inc.


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