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Nightguards and bite splints can make a world of difference for your bruxing and grinding patients, alleviating pain and preventing further destruction of existing healthy dentition. The CLEARsplint® is a hard nightguard fabricated from a modified composite material that is made to your prescribed bite plane. This optically clear splint is nearly invisible when worn and amine-free to resist yellowing. When placed in warm water before inserting in the mouth, it will self-adjust for the closest fit and increased patient comfort. Because it does not contain the methyl methacrylate found in other acrylic splints, patient allergy problems are eliminated. Chairside repairs can easily be made with cold-cure acrylics.

All Glidewell nightguards and bite splints are constructed to your occlusal plane specifications on the upper or lower arch. Wire reinforcement or ball clasps can also be added for extra strength or retention. All nightguards and bite splints come with a storage case to help maintain original shape for superior fit.

Recommended Cleaning Instructions

  • Brush and floss before using the CLEARsplint.
  • Do NOT soak the bite splint in mouthwash, denture cleaner or alcohol.
  • Do NOT place the bite splint in hot or boiling water or expose to excessive heat (such as direct sunlight). This may distort the appliance.
  • After use, rinse the bite splint with water and store dry.
  • Clean the bite splint with soap and warm water ONLY.

CLEARsplint is a trademark of Astron Dental.


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