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Erkopress ci motion

The Erkopress ci motion, the latest advancement in the popular Erkopress line of countertop thermoforming units from ERKODENT®, streamlines the fabrication process for increased efficiency. Much like its predecessor, the Erkopress 300 Tp-ci™, this thermoforming unit is designed to use an integrated air compressor to fabricate bite plates, fluoride and bleaching trays, sports mouthguards, orthodontic splints and more, with precision and ease.

While featuring the familiar touchless temperature sensor and touch panel display with preprogrammed settings, the Erkopress ci motion improves upon earlier models by automating the thermoforming process: After the foil is heated to the appropriate temperature, the foil is automatically placed onto the model, starting the thermoforming process.

Product Highlights

  • Touchless temperature sensor
  • No preheat time required
  • Touch panel display with preprogrammed settings
  • Automated thermoforming process
  • Integrated air compressor with reserve pressure chamber
  • Accepts foil thicknesses from 0–5.5 mm

Erkopress 300 Tp-ci is a trademark of ERKODENT Erich Kopp. ERKODENT is a registered trademark of ERKODENT Erich Kopp.


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