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Staying in the Know – December 2017

December 2017


Staying in the Know

“For years, I’ve explained benefits and risks to patients, fielded questions about restorative materials, and faced requests to detail every step of the day’s visit (and what to expect postoperatively). I can tell a patient why a solid zirconia crown will succeed in a heavy posterior bite and the reasons a nightguard is beneficial. I can convey the advantages of prefabricated provisionals and the traits that make implants the compelling choice. Shedding light like this is an important part of a staff member’s job, and it’s one way we can contribute to nurturing patient acceptance and easing patients’ minds. Even simply confirming patients’ understanding of a planned procedure from start to finish can benefit their experience that day and, in the long run, enhance their relationship with the practice.

“Some patients are more inquisitive and want an even deeper understanding of the behind-the-scenes process that brings their restoration or appliance to life. When it comes down to it, do we have the technical answers that they desire? We can. No matter the complexity of a case, having — and maintaining — a solid understanding of materials and lab processes is crucial. By knowing how the lab fabricates your patient’s investment, you can answer the tough questions that might be holding a patient back from committing to treatment or choosing to follow through on wearing a prescribed product for years to come. Fortunately, you can get these answers straight from the lab floor, using educational materials, online videos and other media. In fact, putting information at your fingertips is a leading priority at Glidewell Dental, which produces and hosts a vast library of resources for your use. Please enjoy the following videos to get an insider’s view of some of our most popular offerings.”

– Will Schmidt, RDA
Clinical Operatory Manager


Feature Videos

The Finest Details: A Tour of Implant Manufacturing
Take a look at how we make implants and related components, all in sunny Southern California.

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BruxZir® Zirconia: The Source of the Revolution
Buckle up for this globe-trotting trek, which traces the fascinating process behind BruxZir® Solid Zirconia.

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How It’s Made: PlaySafe® Mouthguards
Check out the precise steps that go into creating PlaySafe® mouthguards for athletes.

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