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Case of the Week: Why Custom Abutments Are Preferred Over Stock Abutments

Case of the Week

Dr. DiTolla explains why the lab often insists on custom abutments instead of stock abutments.

Chairside Live Episode 96: Your Sugar Addiction May Be Inherited


The sweet news featured in this episode doesn’t mean it’s time to stock your freezer with ice cream (much to a pregnant Megan’s chagrin), but it does offer some insight into the concept of the “sweet tooth.” In the Case of the Week, Dr. D explains why we often insist on custom instead of stock abutments. Also, find out who MTV says takes the cake for the best prosthetic teeth in Hollywood. SPOILER ALERT: Glidewell Laboratories had something to do with it! Watch Episode 96 of Chairside Live now!

BruxZir® Implant Bundle

Volume 5, Issue 3

The world’s most prescribed zirconia restoration is now packaged with an implant and all the prosthetic components needed to restore the edentulous space. Simple, straightforward and cost-effective, the BruxZir® Implant Bundle is a complete case solution designed to maximize efficiency while providing the function and esthetics that clinicians and patients demand. For about the same […]

CAD/CAM Tools, Tips and Tricks: Custom Abutment Design

Volume 1, Issue 2

With Lab Perspectives™ magazine opening a window into production here at Glidewell Laboratories, an opportunity presents itself for us to share our proven, practiced knowledge on the modern direction of CAD/CAM laboratory technology for the benefit of the entire dental industry. This article is intended to be the first in a series of articles that […]

BruxZir® Screw-Retained to the Rescue

Volume 9, Issue 1

Case Presentation A female patient was referred to our office by her brother-in-law, a dentist who practiced in another state. He had diagnosed her with non-restorable root resorption on tooth #9. The tooth had been part of a traumatic injury suffered in childhood that was treated at the time with endodontic therapy. With the patient […]

Place and Restore Dental Implants Economically

Volume 8, Issue 3

Let’s face it: In today’s economy, dentists are seeing more and more patients who have put off treatment for several years. However, it’s not all gloom and doom. Implant dentistry is also becoming increasingly accepted and requested by more patients. This growing population now actively seeks to replace their missing teeth with implants. New technologies […]

“Digital in a Day” – See how your implant case can be turned around in a single day!

Volume 4, Issue 2

View the video “Digital in a Day” as we follow an implant restoration in real time from scanning in the doctor’s office to receipt in the laboratory, design, manufacture and shipping back to the doctor. Every step of the process will have a time stamp in the upper right-hand corner of the screen showing the […]

How Long Is Long Enough? Measuring the Delay Before Subsequent Abutment Screw Tightening

Volume 4, Issue 3

After delivering the prosthesis for an implant restoration, subsequent tightening of the prosthetic screw is a widespread clinical practice. This is because following the initial tightening of the screw, embedment relaxation occurs and results in a loss of preload. After a waiting period, subsequent tightening can substantially alleviate this loss of preload. Because a majority […]

The Critical Nature of Tissue Contouring from a Periodontist’s Perspective

Volume 3, Issue 2

The Importance of Peri-Implant Most people who need dental implants have lost their teeth due to restorative or endodontic complications, or to the ravages of periodontal disease. These conditions result either from failure of the patient to properly cleanse, or from iatrogenic dentistry that has left uncleansable margins. Once patients lose their teeth, there is […]

Implant Orientation for Inclusive® Tooth Replacement System Components

Volume 3, Issue 1

The Inclusive® Tooth Replacement System from Glidewell Laboratories features custom temporary components designed to guide soft tissue contours during the healing phase. Whether you utilize the custom temporary abutment or custom healing abutment, the following guidelines can help to ensure a smooth delivery at the time of surgery. Aligning the Abutment Connection The custom temporary […]

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