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Tag: biotemps cad

Chairside Live Episode 196: Temporizing with BioTemps® CAD Provisionals


Dr. Anamaria Muresan replaces failing PFMs with BruxZir® Anterior crowns and veneers, and explores the advantages of BioTemps® CAD Provisionals.

Photo Essay: Predictable Esthetics with BioTemps® CAD

Volume 11, Issue 3

Chairside Live Episode 187: The Esthetic Zone: BioTemps® CAD in the Anterior


Dr. Siamak Abai is giving us a behind-the-scenes look at the incredible fabrication and seating process for BioTemps® CAD Provisionals in the anterior.

Chairside Live Episode 186: Restoring the Posterior with a BioTemps® CAD Bridge


Will Schmidt, RDA, delivers a three-unit BioTemps® CAD bridge in the posterior while highlighting his clever technique for temporizing over an extraction site.

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