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Tag: BioTemps Provisionals

Restoring Long-Lost Smiles

Volume 14, Issue 3

The Importance of the Doctor/Assistant Professional Relationship – October 2017

Across the Chair

    The Importance of the Doctor/Assistant Professional Relationship A symbiotic relationship between dentists and chairside staff members is a cornerstone of the successful practice. Our patients are hyperaware of our moods, our attitude toward one another, and the elegance at which their procedure is performed through an exchange of skilled hands. Countless times have […]

The Guide-Well Technique and Other Tips for Delivering BioTemps® – September 2017

Across the Chair

One of my main duties at Glidewell Laboratories is to assist in the development of products that are more predictable and efficient to administer. BioTemps® Provisionals have been an especially hot topic for me as a registered dental assistant to streamline the process from beginning to end. In order to nail down and expedite my […]

Chairside Live Episode 222: Selecting the Right Provisional Cement


In this episode of Chairside Live, Will Schmidt, RDA, gives us the inside scoop on the temporary cements he utilizes when placing BioTemps® Provisionals.

The Many Advantages of a Premade Custom Provisional

Volume 12, Issue 2

Chairside Live Episode 215: Fast Stent-Assisted Delivery of BioTemps®


In this episode of Chairside Live, Will Schmidt, RDA, demonstrates his predictable protocol for delivering BioTemps® Provisionals, and showcases patients with varied temporization needs.

BioTemps® Provisionals in Tricky Situations – May 2017

Across the Chair

There are two factors that every clinician should consider when choosing short- or long-term provisionals. First, is this the best temporary restoration for my patient? Second, is this the easiest, most noninvasive technique that I can employ to successfully complete the task at hand? I’d like to show why prefabricated BioTemps® Provisionals are my go-to […]

Chairside Live Episode 207: BioTemps® Provisionals in the Anterior


In this episode of Chairside Live, Will Schmidt, RDA, walks us through his protocol for placing a single-unit BioTemps® provisional restoration in the anterior.

Chairside Live Episode 200: Obsidian® Pressed to Metal Bridge Following Crown Lengthening


In this episode of Chairside Live, Dr. Anamaria Muresan performs crown lengthening surgery in the posterior, and registered dental assistant Will Schmidt places a BioTemps® Provisional bridge over the surgical site.

Chairside Live Episode 196: Temporizing with BioTemps® CAD Provisionals


Dr. Anamaria Muresan replaces failing PFMs with BruxZir® Anterior crowns and veneers, and explores the advantages of BioTemps® CAD Provisionals.

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