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Tag: bone grafting

Extraction and Socket Grafting: Part 3 — Socket Grafting Protocol

Volume 14, Issue 3

Chairside Live Episode 221: Common Clinical Indications for Bone Grafting


In this episode of Chairside Live, Dr. Timothy Kosinski demonstrates treatment for the two most common bone-grafting indications in implant dentistry.

Bone Grafting: Essential Indications and Techniques in Implant Dentistry

Volume 12, Issue 2

Success Factors for Immediate Implant Placement in the Anterior (1 CE Credit)

CE Course

Immediate implantation offers a predictable means of tooth replacement for many patients who present with an untreatable tooth. By following a set of straightforward guidelines, clinicians can evaluate the extraction socket and soft tissue to decide whether to place the implant or employ a more conservative approach. Once the appropriate determination has been made, grafting materials, modern implant design and the precision of CAD/CAM prosthetics can help the practitioner produce a functional, lifelike result.

Chairside Live Episode 197: Immediate Extraction and Implant Placement


Watch Dr. Charles Schlesinger take advantage of the excellent primary stability of Hahn™ Tapered Implants in fresh extraction sites.

Bone Grafting Materials: What the Experts Think

Volume 7, Issue 3

Hahn™ Tapered Implants – September 2016

Clinical Newsline

This month’s Clinical Newsline focuses on atraumatic extraction, bone grafting and immediate implant placement. The curated videos and articles below are great illustrations of simple techniques for clinical success. We’re featuring the Hahn™ Tapered Implant System. Dr. Jack Hahn, creator of the original tapered implant, pulled from his over 45 years of implant-placement experience to […]

Chairside Live Episode 171: Bone Grafting and Immediate Implant Placement in the Anterior


In this episode of Chairside Live, Inclusive™ magazine contributor Dr. Timothy Kosinski discusses bone grafting and immediate implant placement in the anterior.

Bone Grafting and Immediate Implant Placement in the Anterior

Volume 7, Issue 1

Whether a consequence of periodontal disease, caries or trauma to the root, losing an anterior tooth is psychologically disturbing to patients. When indicated, dental implants are an excellent option for tooth replacement. In many cases, an implant can be placed immediately after tooth extraction. When adequate primary stability is achieved, a provisional implant crown can […]

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