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Tag: bruxism

Managing the Consequences of Bruxism for Fully Edentulous Implant Patients

Volume 7, Issue 2

Chairside Live Episode 161: A Single-Tooth Implant from Diagnosis to Final Restoration


In this episode of Chairside Live, Dr. Anamaria Muresan shows how implant therapy fit the patient’s need to restore function and esthetics.

Chairside Live Episode 3: Single-Unit Restoration


In this exciting edition of Chairside Live, discover the link between childhood obesity and tooth eruption, learn how BOTOX® (Allergan, Inc.; Irvine, Calif.) can be helpful for bruxism, and watch as Dr. D takes a look at a single-unit restoration in the Case of the Week.

Versatility of Astron Occlusal Splints

Volume 2, Issue 3

Management of edentulous sites using dental implants has been well-documented in dental literature, and labs have opportunities to help maintain the surgical site and increase the quality of implant restorations before implant therapy even begins. For instance, lab-fabricated occlusal devices such as bite splints can serve purposes beyond their extensive use in the management of […]

Why Are You Prescribing Bruxism Appliances?

Volume 10, Issue 3

Introduction Bruxism is one of the most common dental diseases, with one in every three patients coming into the office having some form of bruxism.1 Even though bruxism is so common, it is still one of the least understood dental problems. Certainly every dentist knows that bruxism is co-morbid with temporomandibular disorders (TMD), orofacial pain […]

One-on-One with Dr. Michael DiTolla: Interview of Jeffory Wyscarver

Volume 8, Issue 3

Dr. Michael DiTolla: This is going to be the first time many of our readers see the term "sleep bruxism." Can you explain a little bit about what this is? Jeff Wyscarver: The beginning for me with regards to tackling sleep bruxism came when I started talking to a number of dentists and notable pain […]

Managing Implants in Patients with Bruxism

Volume 4, Issue 2

For patients who have undergone implant therapy, the potential for parafunctional developments due to bruxism is a cause for concern. Consequences can range from excessive wear on the restoration and surrounding dentition, to lack of osseointegration, to loosening or fracture of the implant restoration. Mitigating these consequences can help ensure the best possible treatment outcome. […]

Clinician Spotlight: Occlusal Splints

Volume 1, Issue 3

Dr. Michael DiTolla: Good morning, Anton. We’re going to talk a little bit about splints. I’ve always liked occlusal splints. I think it’s one of the most conservative things we do. You are one of our most active doctors regularly doing splints, and I wanted to ask you a few questions. Let’s talk about what […]

Sleep Disorders: Dentists Key in Treatment – Interview of R. Michael Alvarez, DDS

Volume 1, Issue 2

Dr. Michael DiTolla: Good afternoon, Mike! Today we wanted to speak with you about the sleep dentistry side of your dental practice. You have done many Silent Nite and TAP® II appliances with us over the years. Tell me about how you got introduced to sleep dentistry. Take me back to those first few cases. […]

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