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Tag: cad cam dentistry

Education Corner: Learning and Growing in Dentistry

Volume 14, Issue 3

Full Support Every Step of the Way: A glidewell.io™ Practice Report

Volume 14, Issue 1

Editor’s Letter

Volume 12, Issue 2

Case of the Week: Highlighting the CAD/CAM Denture Process

Case of the Week

A close look at the CAD/CAM denture process — the technology that allows a patient to see whether they have an acceptable fit or need to re-impress after an impression is taken.

Chairside Live Episode 160: Digital Bite Splints Done Right


In this episode of Chairside Live, watch as we discuss the benefits of going digital with our CAD/CAM-fabricated bite splints!

Chairside Live Episode 147: Technology Times Two: A Double-Scoop Case of the Week


Dr. D returns to the Chairside Live news desk with two cases in tow, featuring digital technology and a case that his technician demanded he feature. In the news, Megan discusses some dumb criminals and the safety of teeth whitening. Watch Episode 147 of Chairside Live now!

Chairside Live Episode 143: CAD/CAM: Time to Use It or Lose It


Dr. D discusses a situation where the doctor only used some of the available digital technology and the case suffered because of it. Then, Megan convinces us to get that second opinion from the doctor in a jaw-dropping news story.

Chairside Live Episode 142: CAD/CAM Could Have Helped This Case


Dr. D shows us a situation where CAD/CAM technology could have helped tremendously to ensure a better clinical outcome. Then, Megan brings the news with yet another reason to never smoke.

Chairside Live Episode 133: Digital Technology Could Have Saved the Day


Dr. D spotlights the problems of a BruxZir® bridge case and presents his ideas of how digital technology could have prevented them. In the news, Danica Patrick reminds everyone why practicing good oral hygiene is always a good idea.

Chairside Live Episode 127: Utilizing CAD/CAM Technology to Please Patient and Practitioner


In this episode’s Case of the Week, Dr. D explores the power of the study model and CAD/CAM technology in a BruxZir® Anterior Solid Zirconia case. Then, Megan serves up some wild news from the dental world.

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