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Tag: chairside milling

A glidewell.io™ Practice Report: Impressing Even the Most Tech-Savvy of Doctors

Volume 14, Issue 3

Chairside Live Episode 199: Obsidian® All-Ceramic Milled Chairside


In this episode of Chairside Live, Dr. Justin Chi treats a case of post-op sensitivity by replacing a crown on tooth #30 with an Obsidian® All-Ceramic crown milled chairside.

Glidewell NOW In-Office Solution

Practice Management: Accelerate Your Success with Chairside Milling

Volume 11, Issue 3

Chairside Live Episode 190: Chairside Milling of an Obsidian® Onlay


Dr. Justin Chi milled an Obsidian® onlay chairside for tooth #3, and while the onlay was milling, he took that time to restore tooth #18 with Camouflage® NanoHybrid Composite.

Photo Essay – Utilizing Digital Impressions and Chairside Mills

Volume 11, Issue 2

New Innovations in Chairside Milling of Solid Zirconia Crowns

Volume 11, Issue 1

Once considered a niche service, in-office milling is now a familiar concept for practitioners, as the ability to effectively restore patients’ teeth in just one simple office visit represents the quintessential standard of care for straightforward single-unit posterior cases. With the adoption rate of digital impression technology continuing to climb, the introduction of lower cost […]

Technological Advances in Chairside Milling

Volume 11, Issue 1

In recent years, an alternative to the age-old workflow of ordering lab-produced crowns and bridges has risen in the form of intraoral scanning, digital designing and chairside milling. Advancements made in software, materials and milling machines have enabled the dental practitioner to produce a same-day crown that rivals those produced by traditional laboratory methods. Additionally, […]

Chairside Live Episode 168: Digital Obsidian® Crowns in One Day


In this episode of Chairside Live, watch as Dr. Justin Chi discusses an entirely digital treatment plan for replacing existing PFMs on teeth #18 and #19.

Chairside Live Episode 162: Making Life Easy with Digital Dentistry


In this episode, Dr. Siamak Abai walks us through an immediate digital denture case that utilized an intraoral scanner and design software, which allowed for the fabrication and then delivery of the denture at the extraction appointment. Also featured in this episode, Will Schmidt, RDA, discusses the role of the registered dental assistant in practices that utilize intraoral scanners and in-office mills.

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