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Sending Digital Files

We’ll Take It from Here Glidewell Laboratories has made a companywide effort to incorporate digital technologies into nearly all workflows employed throughout the laboratory. The production of all-ceramic, PFM and implant restorations, as well as removable prostheses, have gained widespread enhancements with the integration of CAD/CAM equipment. Starting with technician-informed software that enables near-immediate restoration […]

Chairside Live Episode 125: Digital Dentistry Made Easy: Introducing CloudPoint™


In this episode’s Case of the Week, Dr. D shines the spotlight on CloudPoint™, a new product that is a complete one-stop solution, unlocking a digital portal through which cases can be scanned, designed, managed and produced. After that exciting introduction, Megan reports on the latest dental news.

Marketing Matters: My Experience as an Authorized BruxZir® Laboratory

Volume 2, Issue 3

Dena, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to join me today. As someone who doesn’t hail from a lab background, I’m always interested to hear how someone, especially another woman, became involved in the industry. Would you share how you got started with your career in the dental lab business? I […]

The CloudPoint™ Solution: Removing the Barriers to CAD/CAM Technology and Monolithic Restorations

Volume 2, Issue 2

In 2011, the prescription of monolithic dental restorations began to outpace that of traditional PFMs at Glidewell Laboratories. In the ensuing years that gap has only widened. Looking back a little bit further to 2007, PFMs made up more than 65 percent of the crowns fabricated here. Today, that number is lower than 10 percent. […]

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