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Tag: custom abutments

Screw- or Cement-Retained Implant Restoration — or Both?

Volume 14, Issue 3

Case of the Week: Using Stock Abutments Versus Using Custom Abutments

Case of the Week

Dr. DiTolla details the use of a stock abutment versus a custom abutment in an implant case.

Case of the Week: Why Custom Abutments Are Preferred Over Stock Abutments

Case of the Week

Dr. DiTolla explains why the lab often insists on custom abutments instead of stock abutments.

Cementable Full-Arch BruxZir® Bridge Over Custom Abutments

Volume 6, Issue 3

Due to advancements in prosthetic materials, treatment protocols, digital dentistry and CAD/CAM technology, fully edentulous patients now have a wide range of restorative options when they make the life-changing decision to undergo dental implant therapy. From removable overdentures to fixed full-arch restorations, today’s implant practitioners have the clinical flexibility to provide effective treatment for virtually […]

Screw- vs. Cement-Retained Restorations: Clinical Trends and Considerations

Volume 6, Issue 2

With the functional and esthetic benefits of CAD/CAM-designed implant restorations well-established, a growing number of clinicians are regularly prescribing digitally manufactured screw-retained crowns or custom abutments for cementable crowns. Precisely designed to conform to the gingival contours and sulcus shape of the implant site, either of these prosthetic options provides optimum emergence profile, margins and […]

Enhancing Emergence Profiles and Eliminating Black Triangles in the Anterior

Volume 6, Issue 2

With the predictability of implant therapy long established, expectations for restorative outcomes have shifted from function, which is a given in a great majority of cases, to esthetics. This is particularly true for cases in the anterior, where patients can be extremely sensitive concerning the final emergence profile, desiring an implant restoration that replicates the […]

Trends in Implant Dentistry: Inclusive® Titanium Custom Abutments

Volume 6, Issue 2

The advantages of custom abutments, which establish the ideal gingival margins and emergence profile needed for a predictable and esthetic outcome, are becoming increasingly well-known among restorative doctors. Designed with precision using dental CAD software, the cervical portion of the custom abutment is contoured to conform precisely to the shape of the patient’s sulcus, facilitating […]

Inclusive® Gold-Tone Titanium Custom Abutments

Volume 6, Issue 1

Titanium custom abutments are a cost-effective and increasingly popular means of optimizing soft-tissue contours and margins for implant restorations. Due to their strength and the precise fit afforded by patient-specific CAD/CAM design, titanium custom abutments are commonly used in all regions of the mouth. However, in some instances, the gray color can show through the […]

Bite Index for Edentulous Cases with Custom Abutments – Case of the Week: Episode 10

Volume 2, Issue 1

We’ve got an interesting Case of the Week for you. In the Implant department, we see a pretty common problem with Kennedy Class I and Class II situations where we have a bilateral edentulous space or a unilateral edentulous space, and we get a collapse of the bite. Our Implant department has come up with […]

Encode® Custom Abutments

Volume 5, Issue 2

The Encode® Impression System (BIOMET 3i™; Warsaw, Ind.) eliminates the need for implant-level impressions, effectively streamlining the treatment process for the surgeon, restorative clinician and patient. Rather than exchanging the healing component for a separate transfer coping during the restorative phase, the clinician simply leaves the Encode® Healing Abutment (BIOMET 3i) in place and takes […]

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