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Esthetic Dentistry (1 CE Credit)

CE Course

This course covers the techniques and materials required to provide your patient with a state of the art esthetic restoration.

Incorporating Dental Sleep Medicine into Your Practice (2 CE Credits)

CE Course

This lecture will focus on sleep dentistry with emphasis on how to develop lasting relationships with physicians for practice growth.

Ridge Preservation: Protocol for Success (1 CE Credit)

CE Course

Ridge preservation is vital to prevent the bone loss that occurs after the extraction of a tooth and to prepare a site for implant placement.

Restorative Materials: An Update (1 CE Credit)

CE Course

Explore new materials and learn how to cut through the hype and confusion to make the best choices for you and your patient.

Digitally Guided Implant Placement (1 CE Credit)

CE Course

This course is designed to provide dentists with an introduction to Digital Treatment Planning and Guided Implant Placement. This technology maximizes patient comfort, esthetic and functional outcomes.

Clinical Success with CAD/CAM Restorations (2 CE Credits)

CE Course

Gain in-depth exposure to the entire clinical workflow for a chairside CAD/CAM restorative process.

Extraction and Socket Grafting: Part 2 — Extraction Site Healing (1 CE Credit)

CE Course

The more walls compromised or missing, the greater the need for grafting. When clinicians thoroughly understand how bone healing occurs, treatment of the extraction site can be more predictable and successful for patients.

CBCT Guided Surgery (2 CE Credits)

CE Course

Guided surgery is a valuable technique for the clinician aiming to place dental implants with increased accuracy, better preservation of anatomical structures and other benefits. In this presentation, Dr. Schlesinger discusses guided implant surgery and associated technologies.

Extraction and Socket Grafting: Part 1 — Atraumatic Extraction (2 CE Credits)

CE Course

The atraumatic extraction technique is a crucial component of the ridge preservation process. By following this technique, the quantity and quality of bone will be preserved, along with the gingival architecture. This will ultimately lead to more predictable implant positioning and placement. By adhering to the basic principles of atraumatic extractions and the use of periotomes, a more predictable healing pattern may be obtained, as the vitality of the periodontal ligament and the surrounding blood supply is maintained.

Veneer Prep School: Strategies for Choosing an Ideal Prep (1 CE Credit)

CE Course

Veneers are beneficial for enhancing smiles in multiple clinical situations. There are several considerations affecting preparation choice. In this article, Dr. Anamaria Muresan shares her strategies for utilizing the latest technologies to enhance patient outcomes.

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