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Tag: dental practice

Veneer Prep School: Strategies for Choosing an Ideal Prep (1 CE Credit)

CE Course

Veneers are beneficial for enhancing smiles in multiple clinical situations. There are several considerations affecting preparation choice. In this article, Dr. Anamaria Muresan shares her strategies for utilizing the latest technologies to enhance patient outcomes.

Removable and Fixed Solutions for the Edentulous Patient (1 CE Credit)

CE Course

Practitioners have several options for treating the edentulous arch, providing a great deal of flexibility in addressing the unique needs of each case. By comprehensively assessing the patient’s chief complaint, bone volume and anatomical landmarks, as well as the fit, stability and comfort of any existing oral appliances, clinicians can confidently determine whether a traditional complete denture or an implant-supported prosthesis is indicated.

Practice Management: Part 3 – Using High-Tech Marketing Tools and Effective Messaging in the Dental Practice

Volume 7, Issue 4

Social Media and Marketing the Modern Dental Practice

Volume 5, Issue 2

Dr. Michael DiTolla: Glenn, I’d like to welcome you back to the pages of Chairside® to discuss the topic of social media. Each time I speak with you, we’re talking about website design or Google AdWords and optimizing search engines. Today, however, we’re focusing our talk on social media and how this new form of […]

One-on-One with Dr. Michael DiTolla: Interview of Dr. Paul Homoly

Volume 4, Issue 3

Dr. Michael DiTolla: Welcome back, Paul! Today, the topic we are going to discuss is prosperity. Dr. Paul Homoly: Mike, this topic goes back to our previous article when we talked about the cultural center of dentistry. The cultural center of dentistry, of course, is the pursuit of clinical excellence. A big part of that […]

One-on-One with Dr. Michael DiTolla: Interview of Dr. Paul Homoly

Volume 4, Issue 1

Dr. Paul Homoly: The culture of dentistry is like any culture in any other community. A culture is based on a widely held belief of the community. Culture means “shared belief, shared behavior, shared activity.” Our actions, our thinking and our behavior are largely driven by belief systems. It’s similar to traveling to Italy where […]

Industry Profile: Imtiaz Manji – A Look Inside Life-Coaching for Dentists

Volume 2, Issue 2

Dr. Michael DiTolla: How did you originally get involved in dentistry, Imtiaz? Imtiaz Manji: It was actually in Vancouver, Canada. I had a software company that did a lot of work for accountants and lawyers. My dentist at the time was Dr. Ken Newman, and he said to me, “Have you ever considered doing software […]

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