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Tag: dental technology

Employee Spotlight: Chief Technology Officer Mike Selberis

Volume 14, Issue 2

By the Numbers: Digital Impressions and In-Office Milling

Volume 13, Issue 1

Employee Spotlight: Joe Hattouni, CDT

Volume 12, Issue 3

Editor’s Letter

Volume 12, Issue 3

Publisher’s Letter

Volume 12, Issue 2

Implant Q&A: An Interview with Dr. Neil Park

Volume 7, Issue 1

David Casper: I want to dive into your background, but I want to start with what made you decide to go to dental school. How did you become a dentist? Dr. Neil Park: Dave, I hope you’re not expecting some kind of enlightening, inspiring or even interesting story because it doesn’t go like that. The […]

The Benefits of CAD/CAM Restorations

Clinical Videos

Dentists do not have to change what they currently do to enjoy the benefits of CAD/CAM dentistry. With this presentation, you will understand the latest advances in dental laboratory technology and restorative options, and what they mean to you and your patients. The practice tips and techniques that are presented will help you expect more and get more from your dental laboratory, and your patients will be happier and more satisfied with their restorative results. From cementable ceramics to CAD/CAM PFMs, “before” and “after” images in different clinical situations show the realization of restorative excellence that can be accomplished.

CAD/CAM Dentures

Volume 6, Issue 1

The CAD/CAM design and 3-D printing processes involved in the production of CAD/CAM Dentures are at the leading edge of digital dentistry, resulting in smoother try-in and delivery appointments. For the first time, clinicians can send the lab a traditional or digital impression and receive dentures fabricated with precision using CAD/CAM technology. And clinicians do […]

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