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#LetsBeSocial – November 2019

Across the Chair

#LetsBeSocial Even though Glidewell Dental is growing at the speed of dentistry, nothing is more important than staying connected to you. We’re always excited to hear from the dental professionals who work with us. We enjoy interacting with you through social media, so make sure to visit our various social media channels. It’s one way […]

Chairside Live Episode 260: Learn How to Scan a Posterior Combination Case


In this episode of Chairside Live, it’s time for another Scan School with Will Schmidt, RDA. He’s showing us how he uses the iTero Element® 2 to scan the posterior for a case utilizing various fixed restorations — a three-unit bridge adjacent to a single crown — as well as tissue retraction management and much more!

Streamlining Your Workflow – October 2019

Across the Chair

Streamlining Your Workflow Life moves fast. Our society thrives on having instant information available at our fingertips. We want the ability to make quick yet well-informed decisions. We have mastered the art of skillful multitasking. Since we live in a face-paced world, the President and CEO of Glidewell Dental, Jim Glidewell, CDT, believes that dentistry […]

Chairside Live Episode 259: How to Maximize Results in the Esthetic Zone


In this episode of Chairside Live, join Dr. Muresan as she confronts the challenge of a failed endodontically-treated tooth.

Chairside Live Episode 258: Scan School – Scanning Large Cases


In this episode of Chairside Live, Will Schmidt, RDA, is presenting his tips and tricks for scanning multiple restorations in a single case, as well as advice for cord retraction during scanning.

Smiles in Transition – September 2019

Across the Chair

Smiles in Transition By now, you probably know that Glidewell Dental provides state-of-the-art interim dentistry solutions with BioTemps® Provisionals. However, did you know that we also have long-term provisional options available with our exclusive Transition Crowns & Bridges®? Transition Crowns & Bridges are comprised of a monomer-free resin that is durably fabricated to withstand breakage […]

Chairside Live Episode 257: The Most Efficient Dentistry of Your Career


In this episode of Chairside Live, Dr. Chi uses the glidewell.io In-Office Solution to scan, design and mill a BruxZir® NOW crown for tooth #14 in less than an hour!

Chairside Live Episode 256: The Two-Step Impression Technique


In this episode, Will Schmidt, RDA, is going beyond first impressions and utilizing the two-step impression technique for an incredibly accurate and reliable full-mouth VPS impression.

Chairside Live Episode 255: A BruxZir® Crown in One Day


In this episode, Dr. Justin Chi uses the glidewell.io In-Office Solution to scan, design and mill a BruxZir® NOW crown for tooth #14. Watch as this patient reaps the benefits of digital dentistry and walks away with a smile after a single appointment!

Times Are Changin’ – July 2019

Across the Chair

Times Are Changin’ Dentistry as we know it is changing rapidly. People are living longer, healthier lives; and for the most part, they’re keeping their teeth or restoring them with advanced technology. This has resulted in a patient base that could begin to overwhelm the available number of clinicians and licensed team members who can […]

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