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Tag: dental zirconia

R&D Corner: What’s in the Zirconia Crowns You Place? Investigating the Raw Material

Volume 14, Issue 2

R&D Corner: Is Your Zirconia Hiding a Secret?

Volume 13, Issue 2

Product Spotlight: BruxZir® Esthetic Solid Zirconia

Volume 13, Issue 2

NEW! BruxZir® Esthetic Solid Zirconia

All-Ceramics Bruxzir Solid Zirconia

This highly esthetic restorative material is designed specifically to satisfy the esthetic and functional requirements of the anterior region of the mouth.

Confidence in Veneers: Choosing the Right Material to Eliminate Spaces and Outlast Clenching

Volume 12, Issue 2

Full-Mouth Rehabilitation with BruxZir® Full-Strength and BruxZir Anterior

Volume 12, Issue 2

Editor’s Letter

Volume 12, Issue 2

BruxZir® Anterior: Monolithic Zirconia Engineered for the Esthetic Zone

Volume 12, Issue 1

Case of the Week: Replacing a Fractured Crown on Tooth #30 with BruxZir® NOW

Case of the Week

In this Case of the Week, check out BruxZir® NOW in action! Watch as Dr. Siamak Abai mills and delivers a high-strength, authentic BruxZir Solid Zirconia restoration in a single appointment.

Chairside Live Episode 165: Mask the Metal: An Obsidian® vs. BruxZir® Challenge


In this episode of Chairside Live, watch as Dr. Anamaria Muresan compares Obsidian® Pressed to Metal and BruxZir® Anterior to determine which material best covers a metal post.

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