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Removable and Fixed Solutions for the Edentulous Patient

Volume 13, Issue 1

Case of the Week: A Class III Denture Case, a Skeletal Class III Patient, and a Class III Bite

Case of the Week

A Class III denture case with a Skeletal Class III patient with a Class III bite with their natural teeth.

Case of the Week: Solving the Case of a Repeatedly Broken Upper Denture

Case of the Week

A patient has broken a full upper denture five times.

Case of the Week: Using Composite Facing Teeth When Space Is Compromised Between Arches

Case of the Week

A common problem encountered in the Partial Denture department is compromised space between the arches without enough room for acrylic denture teeth, which calls for the use of composite facing teeth — a stronger, smaller and better-looking alternative.

Chairside Live Episode 17: Class III Denture


On this edition of Chairside Live, discover why disposable dental bibs might be your best option, hear about an artist with a surprising technique, and watch as Dr. D presents a Class III denture case in the Case of the Week.

The Mylohyoid Ridges: Troublemakers Often Undiagnosed

Volume 10, Issue 4

We dentists have been taught the importance and the benefits of having denture bases for removable prostheses that are fully extended to the functional muscular periphery. This principle is especially important with mandibular denture bases, whether they are for full dentures, overdentures or distal-extension removable partial dentures. Many dentists have mastered the art of obtaining […]

Finite Element Analysis of the BruxZir® Full-Arch Implant Prosthesis vs. the Titanium-Bar-Supported Acrylic Denture

Volume 6, Issue 1

Innovations in restorative materials have equipped clinicians with multiple prosthetic options that have greatly elevated the quality of treatment dental professionals can provide. For instance, the emergence of full-arch implant-supported prostheses has significantly improved the lives of fully edentulous patients. Due to their stability, retention and capability to restore masticatory function, fixed implant restorations have […]

Full-Arch Implant Restorations: From Acrylic Hybrid to BruxZir® Solid Zirconia

Volume 5, Issue 3

For many years, Dr. Per-Ingvar Brånemark’s slogan was, “No one should have to die with their teeth in a glass.” His accidental discovery of osseointegration and bone’s affinity for titanium, along with his brilliant insight that this could be used to help edentulous patients, became a cornerstone of modern dentistry. We can restore edentulous patients […]

BruxZir® Solid Zirconia: Moving Beyond the Traditional Hybrid Denture

Volume 5, Issue 3

The use of osseointegrated implants as a foundation for fixed and removable prostheses has substantially enhanced the quality of life for edentulous patients.1 For many years now, when a patient presents with an edentulous arch or with conditions warranting the removal of their existing natural dentition, we have had the option of placing dental implants […]

A Better Quality of Life with Implant-Retained Overdentures

Volume 9, Issue 2

Introduction The need for crowns, bridges and full dentures is steadily increasing, in part because the generation that filled schoolrooms in the 1950s is now arriving in great numbers in their dentists’ offices. Life expectancy in America is growing, and baby boomers are known for the premium they place on quality of life, so it’s […]

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