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Chairside Live Episode 216: Replacing Ill-Fitting Dentures


In this episode, Dr. Siamak Abai replaces ill-fitting dentures, and discusses how to fine-tune form and function when fabricating a complete denture.

How to Fine-Tune Form and Function During Complete Denture Fabrication

Volume 12, Issue 1

Dental Restoration: Restoring Fully Edentulous Cases – October 2016

Clinical Newsline

When a patient enters your practice needing restoration work, you might run into some issues. Especially if it’s a full-arch dental restoration. With a full-arch restoration, you have a challenging task ahead of you. Although this task might seem difficult, the reward behind completing it and creating the right treatment plan for your patient is always […]

Delivering Simple, Cost-Effective Implant Treatment to Fully Edentulous Patients

Volume 7, Issue 1

While most clinicians agree that a fixed restoration is the ideal option for the full-arch implant case, many patients are unable to receive this treatment due to financial, anatomical or other reasons. For example, patients who do not receive implant treatment following the loss of their teeth and have been wearing traditional dentures for an […]

A Digital Spin on Traditional Dentures

Volume 11, Issue 1

The advancements in crown and bridge fabrication resulting from digital technology are well known. Dental laboratories across the country have proven that fixed restorations made through digital workflows are more consistent and more accurate, and enable the use of stronger materials. Until recently, however, these technologies had not been applied to removable prosthetics, and it […]

Case of the Week: Utilizing a Design Service for Removable Partial Dentures

Case of the Week

Dr. DiTolla discusses a design service for removable partial dentures.

Case of the Week: Highlighting the CAD/CAM Denture Process

Case of the Week

A close look at the CAD/CAM denture process — the technology that allows a patient to see whether they have an acceptable fit or need to re-impress after an impression is taken.

Case of the Week: Using Composite Facing Teeth When Space Is Compromised Between Arches

Case of the Week

A common problem encountered in the Partial Denture department is compromised space between the arches without enough room for acrylic denture teeth, which calls for the use of composite facing teeth — a stronger, smaller and better-looking alternative.

Case of the Week: Highlighting the Distal Extension Hinge

Case of the Week

Dr. DiTolla showcases the distal extension hinge, an indispensable, little-known device for mandibular partial dentures that transfers stresses into the posterior ridge, sparing anterior abutment teeth.

Case of the Week: Placing a Removable Lower Denture Attached to Implants

Case of the Week

Dr. DiTolla takes a viewer’s request and shows the step-by-step procedure of placing a removable lower denture attached to implants with Locator® attachments (Zest Anchors; Escondido, Calif.).

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